New Hybrid Engine

This blows my mind. Energy recovery is taken from the turbo's turbine… Go to Source

Brammo Concept motorcycle

On the blog at: as "Brought to you in association with Icon."[img width=600 height=337]… Go to Source

First impressions of the 2014 Zero SR

I received my Zero SR today! It got delivered to the dealership this morning and after some begging the dealership agreed that I'd be allowed to pick it up later the same day. Initially they wanted to keep it for 5 days.Due to miscommunication between… Go to Source

Where to get an electric motors to build your own electric car/motorcycle?

Anyone know a good place to buy an electric motor to build an electric car or motorcycle with?   I used to have a fork lift motor myself but that thing weighed a ton and didn't produce enough power.  With all these electric vehicles hitting the market … Go to Source

Bosch Stability control system…

this is pretty cool!… Go to Source

sale or trade: Brammo Empulse electric sportbike – $11400 (marin/sf) 1,9xx miles

Not my bike, but in case anyone else might be interested in a standard/E1 Empulse (non-R): Is this a bike that someone on this board owns… Go to Source

Empulse R for sale on Craigslist in Portland.

One of our friends in Portland is selling one of 2 Empulse R's to help pay for some machining equipment.  Anybody got a friend looking to join the club?  Pretty good deal for a low miles bike! [url=… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R test ride video

Brammo Empulse R Test Ride Quote Test riding the 2013 Brammo Empulse R at Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay Go to Source

Charging wars

According to an article published in my newspaper yesterday written by Dana Hull of, Silicon Valley workers who own EV's are fighting with each other over work place charging stations.  In particular the German software company S… Go to Source

My SR is almost here!

I've just learned that my bike left the factory last week and is estimated to be at the dealership on Tuesday or Wednesday.I'm going to take Wednesday off from work to pick it up    Anything you guys want me to test when I get it?I've got a gyro s… Go to Source