error and part of log missing

Hi Guys, last week al of a sudden my bike started acting funny. at a traffic light the green ride light was suddenly off. after flipping the kill switch back and forth it worked again but now the charging light was blinking. i stopped the bike, the gre… Go to Source

Photos of the new location in Talent..… Go to Source

Looking to buy battery pack for 2009 zero x

Hi !I'am new in this forum !I'am from United Kingdom , and just bought zero x 2009 . After few rides battery doesn't want to chage in full power.ive took the battery on the pieces and found 12 molicels was dead in 3rd bulk , there 24 cels in 1 bulk ,… Go to Source

Rear tire replacement

Today I replaced the original rear tire with the same size Michelin Pilot Activ.  The original tire had 8,000 miles on it.  It had not yet reached the wear bars, but had flattened out quite a bit and the new tire should improve cornering and steering a… Go to Source

Fatal electric motorcycle crash – Los Gatos man

Does anyone know who this was?… Go to Source

How much is the new 5yr warranty worth

I am going to get a zero S 11.4 soon and originally I wanted a 2013 because it is superior to the 2013 and it cost less than the 2014. I figured with recent prices a used 2013 S 11.4 would go for about 10kA 'new' 2013 S 11.4 with 2 year standard warr… Go ...

Want to get more mileage on a charge?

Get a windshield! I just installed mine last week and I have consistently come home from my commute with 10% more charge left. Not only does it look good, it's functional and now I also have this nice added benefit….SWEET! Go to Source

2013 S: Speedometer calibration settings

I inadvertently entered into the "configuration" mode of my 2013 S (fat fingered trying to reset trip ODO). I hit the wrong button and incremented the value on the first page. And then did the same on the second page. Doh! Can anyone tell me what the n… Go to Source

First mention of a new product launch

I just saw this article and here is the relevant mention: Quote $25,000 to support a new product launch by electric-motorcycle maker Brammo Inc.[/… Go to Source

Chinese electric motorcycles

Here is an article about ElectroForce Motors and their range of electric motorcycles.  They look nice in the photos, prices are low – as is the performance.  But they would make a nice in-city commuter and the potentially low prices would go a long way… Go to Source