Legal infighting

It seems the founders aren't getting along very well…… Go to Source

My Newest Mod

I finally found time to install my motorcycle x-mas gifts. I installed a new windshield but didn't get a pic of it during the day. I'll have to upload one later. I did get some pics of the new accent lights I installed. I thought they would be great fo… Go to Source

Throttle filter?

Hello, maybe you can help me? When accelerating off the line, I watched that the current increases quite slowly (looking at the display, after pushing the start buttom for several seconds). But, When looking at the raw value of the throttle, the voltag… Go to Source

Pic of 2013 Zero parked at UCF posted to Reddit, 1000+ upvotes Made it to the front page .. that… Go to Source

Zero issues recall for controller cutouts for 2013 bikes

On Dec 18 2013 Zero notified the NHTSA of recall to properly handle continuing glitches in 2012 and 2013 bikes. … Go to Source

Sway Motorsports electric reverse trike

Here is something new and different: Go to Source

Can’t connect to bike Bluetooth

Hello, I tried to connect to my bike with my new Nexus 4 and I see no Bluetooth device even if the key is put ON. Is it because it's too cold? Go to Source

Texas Instruments video about the Empulse

Brammo e-Motorcycle Display Go to Source

Manual zero ds 2011

does someone have a 2011 ds manual? cause I would like to have one. Thijs Go to Source

2014 Zero S with power tank

I just received a call from my Zero retail dealer who told me that the 2014 Zero S that I ordered has arrived in the shop.  So it looks like the 2014 production line is up and running – kind of early for Zero.  Unfortunately, the power tank production … Go to Source