Numbers… 4000 is a nice number. Hope to see it grow… Quote The e-bike company Bra… Go to Source

everybody loves the Empulse

Motorcycle commuting is pretty much the best commuting. Go to Source

Flickering charge LED

My charge indicator LED has been flickering randomly the last two times I attempted to charge it.  The first time was charging from low.  It started out fine but I came back 18 hours later to check on it and it was blinking but not in a clear pattern t… Go to Source

Empulse accident(?) on the bay bridge this morning?

This morning on the commute in there was a small traffic snarl in the rightmost lane of the bridge, with a couple tow trucks and a CHP.  Imagine my surprise when I look over and see a black Empulse R sitting between the tow trucks! I wish I could've st… Go to Source

New Firmware update?

Just got a call from my dealer that there was a firmware update that they real suggest I install. Anyone know what it addresses? Go to Source

How to check/adjust belt tension

Hello. When I check the belt tension on my 2013 S, does it matter if I put the gauge on the top of the belt, or can I put the gauge on the bottom of the belt? Should the bike be on a lift, or can it be sitting in the floor? Go to Source

Desert trail riding video of my 2013 FX

I've posted a video of riding the technical "cactus trail" with my 2013 FX. The trail is on my SoCal desert property and can be tricky at times. Shows the good handling of the FX in tight trail riding. Check it out: Trikester Go to Source

New York to replace Horse drawn carriages with electric buggies…

New York's new mayor wants to replace all the horse drawn carriages in Central Park with Electric Vehicles. Brammo should whip up a proposal to make some old-tyme buggy carriages that are all electric. Shouldn't be hard…something that will have a dri… Go to Source

New Dealer in San Francisco…for the Enerita Plus…and an important question..

Edit: Not a Dealer, but a rental network: "The future of urban transportation. Shared electric scooters when you want them." Their mission statement, cuz we all love mission statements: MissionTo make your life in the city faster, cheaper, greener, an… Go to Source

Change Motor and Controller Go to Source