Brammo sponsors and supplies batteries for snowmobile team

I just saw this on Facebook: S.D.S.M.T. Alternative Fuel Vehicle wrote: "Brammo is a sponsor of the team. The Li-ion batteries used by the team are the same modules found on the Empulse motorcycle as is the motor. Everything else is engineered and buil… Go to Source

Cold Effects

At about 7:30AM, ambient of 21F/-6C, with my bike cold-soaked in a unheated garage to ~35F/2C, I rode 21.8 miles (~35 minutes).  I plugged in at work, and the kill-o-watt registered 3.2 kWH to charge to 100%.   By 4:00PM, with the ambient up to 62F/16C… Go to Source

Zero commuter windshield

I (finally) received the Zero commuter windshield that I ordered with my bike.  The windshield is made by MRA (, apparently a German company.  I have never owned that brand windshield before, but it seems of good… Go to Source

zipper lube

This may be a no-brainer, but my take bag zipper has been a little rough, so I sprayed some dry lubricant on it and now it is very smooth.  Just thought I'd share. Go to Source

Rizoma Reverse Retro Mirrors

Added Rizoma mirrors. I'll get better pix when I can get the bike out of the garage. These mirrors are my favorite bar end style as they don't stick out much from the bar like other bar end mirrors, yet have plenty of space for your gloved hands. Good … Go to Source

Another first impression of the SR.

On Saturday I picked up my 2014 Zero SR. Right now I have 425 miles on the odometer. Initial perceptions: Fast! Zero claims 0-60 in 3.3 seconds and after several launches from traffic lights I don’t doubt that at all. No problems riding in traffic at 7… Go to Source

Energica Ego test rides

It looks like the Energica Ego is nearing production and demo rides are being scheduled first in Italy and then in Germany and the U.S.  Not cheap, but it does look like a beautiful motorcycle.  This article includes a short video: [url=http://cleanrid… Go to Source

Speed stability at constant speed

Hello, I'm late to post this, but when I purchased my Zero last autumn, I quickly discovered that I had the feeling of not going at constant speed when keeping the throttle at the same position. Has anyone noticed this on their Zero? It might also be a… Go to Source

2013 FX 5.7 Real World Range

The snow is melting here in the frozen NorthWest and I am starting to sneak a few rides in on my new 2013 FX 5.7 now. I came from a '12 DS ZF9 so I anticipated lower range on the FX but I have been disappointed with how far I can go on it and ...

LED handle bar lights

I finally managed to finish my Empulse lighting project.  I've been collecting parts for a couple of months now.  The lights are mounted in the old mirror mount points.  I had to buy mirror adapters to get useable bolts.  (Note that the right mount is … Go to Source