Brammo Empulse undergoing EMC tests for EU approval

Just posted on twitter by Brammo:"Empulse R undergoing EMC tests for EU Type Approval here in Hillsboro Oregon." Because I had no idea, here's what I fou… Go to Source

Help needed in the UK

Hello all, Apologies if this has been mentioned before but my Google-fu is weak. I have just been issued a recall for my bike…I have now discovered that a) Zero pulled out of the UK last year and b) The shop I bought it from closed down. At the momen… Go to Source

Not so much a mod as a question…

I like sport mode in second gear for city driving… Good power and I barely have to use the brakes at all since the active regen gives me tons of braking power. But that raises the question of cars behind me not knowing I am in effect "braking" every … Go to Source

Get the MADE IN THE USA sticker! Free

Brammo owners, If you would like a DESIGNED & ASSEMBLED BY BRAMMO IN THE USA sticker for your Brammo, then simply email us your snail mail (postal) address and VIN to info(at) and we'll send one your way! (Only existing owners, please!) Go to Source

Progress or lack thereof for the recalls. Anyone still waiting

I am still waiting for my recall to be processed for a new Zero. I haven't even seen the bike yet, it's still stuck at the dealer in Paris. They are waiting for the tools to do the recall. I've noticed others are in the same situation. So, how many are… Go to Source

2012 DS infrequent charging question

Hi all,  I've been a frequent lurker on these boards for 2+ yrs, appreciating the exchange of information between intelligent helpful riders, but I haven't posted anything until now.  I have ~3K miles on my 2012 DS and am very happy with it but for wor… Go to Source

Electrical motor bearing and grease

I had several trip under the rain. My motor is now making a bad bearing noise at low speed.Anyone experiencing that ?Is there a way of putting some oil or grease without disassembly ? Laurent Go to Source

It was the Encoder

I got my bike back today (2012 ZF9 S) from the factory in Santa Cruz. To find out why I never achieved the kind of range that other ZF9 riders were getting, they thoroughly checked it out, did every test and finally found the problem: the encoder. They… Go to Source

New Empulse R rider from Indianapolis, Indiana

Just picked her up from Wisconsin today. Looking forward to riding it. Go to Source

What to do with a 2010 DS?

My dilemma – I have a 2010 DS, a 2012 DS, and a 2013 FX. The 2010 DS is low mileage and the battery has been kept charged. However, nobody wants one of these 2010 vintage electric motorcycles anymore. I'm asking for suggestions of what to… Go to Source