New Enertia Plus rider

Hi there, I'm Roan from the Netherlands. After owning Mini Cooper R50 the time arrived to make a comeback in motorcycling. So I sold the Cooper this week. I'm very intrested in electric motorcycles. A testride on a Brammo made me even more enthousiasti… Go to Source

Axle nut size

I have a 2013 S.  What size socket do I need to get for the rear axle nut? Go to Source

From FB: "Growth happening internally"

As mentioned on Facebook they are actively hiring – though it appears to be via an external software contracting company that they are using to develop the bike's software rather than directly for their own company. [url=…. Go to Source

OBD-II / OBD2 usage

I'm wondering whether any owners have identified and used their onboard diagnostics port on the 2013/2014 models. I saw this product launched called Automatic which is very intriguing and seems to be generic even if … Go to Source

My new Empulse R Broke

At 649 miles at the freeway on ramp I down shifted and it felt like it went in between gears then caught up and locked my rear then next thing I know I have lost power and am hearing a grinding noise, anxious to get out of a hairy situation where there… Go to Source

Dashboard wish list

I would love to hear more about being able to upgrade to the new dashboard! In the meantime, I thought I'd collect some thoughts and sound people out on improvements to the content of the dash board.  Here are some thoughts that I've had over the year … Go to Source

Insurance wont cover me, bike is too unique

Just got an email back from my insurance provider, liberty mutual, after waiting two weeks for them to get back to me with a quote on a 2013 used Zero S ZF11.4 After sending a followup email about having purchased one and giving them the price I was to… Go to Source

Zero SR soon at black forrest in germany too

Hello together,my name is arno, i am 54 years old  and  living near karlsruhe in Germany. That is at the border of the black forrest.Last year i rode my first electric bike, a zero s 2013 for 2 days.I rent it from our local electric mobility dealer … Go to Source

Sugar battery

Here is another potential future energy storage battery that uses sugar as the storage medium just like most living things. High capacity, cheap, organic, and non-hazardous. http:/… Go to Source


PETITION FOR A QUEBEC’S ZERO EMISSION LAW — PLEASE SIGN !! and SHARE !! A petition has been launched to implement a ZERO EMISSION LAW in the province of Quebec in Canada. In order to meet health based air quality … Go to Source