Brammo to race in eMotoRacing series at Roebling Road

PRESS RELEASE, Feb 9, 2014Veteran roadracer David Sadowski, winner of the 1990 Daytona '200', will be riding an all electric Brammo Empulse R in the eMotoRacing series opener at Roebling Road near Savannah GA March 1st and 2nd. The former Speed Chann… Go to Source

2013 tax credit

I am trying to do my taxes and they asked me for a  manufacture's certification so the credit I get matches what's on the certification. Does anyone have info on this. I own a 2013 zero fx 5.7. I got an epa certification but there's nothing about tax c… Go to Source

Glitch on the 2010 DS

So after 1600 miles on my 2010 DS I've been hit by the wicked glitch from the west.  Started out where going 25-30 mph I'd have a cutout.  I'd let the bike sit for 30-60 seconds and it would come back alive.  Appeared to occur in the same place, thinki… Go to Source

Brammo will race in the Southern 100 on the IOM

Just saw this on Twitter:@darvillracing entering an electric bike into the @S100isleofman More news to come! Go to Source

Brammo UK – More news – Darvill and Going Green

Quote For Immediate Release Award Winning Brammo Empulse and Enertia Plus Electric Motorcycles Come to the UK TALENT, Ore., Feb 7th, 2014 Brammo, Inc., is pleased to announce that, as part of its European expansion, the much-anticipated Brammo Empulse… Go to Source

Whose Empulse just got posted to reddit?

They say it's in Silicon Valley. Go to Source

My rear shock is leaking oil

After only 2500 kms my rear shock is bouncing like a mad kangaroo and leaking oil.I will have to go and see my dealer. By the way he has no computer for the firmware update, maybe able to borrow one one day or another !!!But as you now on the 2013 DS… Go to Source

2013 Enertia Plus, red, 4,xxx miles, shield+bags added, $6800

I bought the Enertia Plus when we were living in San Francisco.  Then we somewhat unexpetedly moved to Marin, and I got an Empulse for better freeway range and also to have fun on the Marin twisties.  I really like the Plus and wish I could keep it, bu… Go to Source

You like carbon fiber?

Pretty for the eyes. Not sure I'd want to ride it much off the track. And it's, ugh!, a gasser. But pretty for the eyes.… Go to Source

Brake maintenance and tool articles

Here is a link to a decent article (with video), published by Bike Bandit, that shows how to service and bleed motorcycle disc brakes: [url=… Go to Source