day trip range

On zero S, if I stop and recharge for an hour or so, how much (%) will the battery recharge?  5%  20%?  Go to Source

Battery Clamp Color

What method is Brammo using to change the color of the battery bracket / clamp parts? Are they anodized? Go to Source

Brammo Tail Tidy Kit

Is the tail-tidy kit available to order yet? I know Brammo had to re-think the mod after the tail assembly recall, but it should be available now, right? Please excuse me if I missed something obvious (like I usually do). Go to Source

Tech Talk Info….something new…

I heard that some new was mentioned at the Tech Talk… Something about a lease program here in the US for The Empulse. Could be a good program as many people are wondering about updates to the batteries and such. Anyways, discuss…would you lease or … Go to Source

What accessories should be factory installed?

Hi, I'm saving up for a Zero S with accessories that will make a commute more comfortable and make 100-200 miles per day touring possible, but after reading a number of posts… Go to Source

Brammo Hong Kong posts some eye candy

Run, do not walk, over to the Brammo Hong Kong Facebook page to take a look at some teaser photos they just posted of a photo shoot featuring Empulses, including the Spec … Go to Source


Just saw this: Quote REALRIDER┬« has teamed up with Brammo Inc. the leading electric motorcycle manufacturer. The REALRIDER┬« app will be provided with every new Brammo bike sold in the UK. US manufactured Brammo boasts the fastest electric production … Go to Source

Weekend ride: Anybody want to join me and the thousand or so other riders? This is one of my favorite rides, from Albuquerque to Madrid, NM. Just a lovely rid… Go to Source

Times remain for charging

I always shock when I read it 39 hours still need for full charge Can we change it to more user friendly SayXX HH : XX MM Go to Source

Shipping Bikes from the US to Europe…

Guess they will have Made in the USA stickers… Great having local businesses going worldwide…great job Brammo. https… Go to Source