Die erste Empulse in Österreich The first Empulse in Austria

Leider nur zum Probefahren…  unfortunately only for a test drivet…. [img width=300 height=232]http://www.e… Go to Source

Headlights on when charging

Is there any way to turn off the headlights on charging? Thanks. Go to Source

Probably the first Empulse R in Portugal

Hi to all. Finally my Empulse R will arrive in late April or May. Any advices for a beginner from the lucky U.S. guys that get it first? Regards to all   Go to Source

Bay Area folks meetup this Thursday before Tech Talk?

So I'm planning on getting a burger and a beer at Zeitgeist before attending Brian's talk at Scuderia.  Talk is at 6:30, so I'll get to Zeitgeist around 5:30-5:45.  That might mean 2 beers, actually. Let's meet up, all ye who shall attend.  Current for… Go to Source

Overnight trip . . .

 . . . complete with *gasp* LUGGAGE! Braving the piercing California March weather for a lightweight overnight trip.  I decided I liked my big Kriega US30 so much that I picked up its littl… Go to Source

charger vent cover

I live on a dirt/gravel road.  The rear fender is pretty useless in shielding anything in the back from mud.  Everything from the swing arm pivot to the rear brake light get covered pretty quickly.  My greatest concern is the vent for air to get to the… Go to Source

Another Lame One (shifter lever adjusted for Ronald mc Donald)

I got my bike back and the shifter lever was adjust so high up and I thought it's ok since I an just adjust the heim joint but no I was wrong the heim joint is adjusted all the way down already so it had to remove the entire rear set and adjust the sha… ...

Coolant change

Has anyone here done a coolant change on their Empulse? I'm planning on draining mine and replacing to non-glycol (Engine Ice) for track use. I see the hose(s), on my other bikes you pull one (or two) – drain, flush, run – repeat until clear, fill, bu… Go to Source

Zero service reps

do folks from Zero stop by? Monitor any threads, serve as moderators?I really love this bike and am very interested in getting 100K outta the thing! Go to Source

Strange sound beneath the seat when charging start

When ever i start charge the battery Strange sound (like insect) comes out from beneath the passenger seatI can email u the voice file as I have recorded it I can't hear it once the fan turns on Go to Source