My gasser YouTube channel!

I got an action camera the other day and started my own YouTube channel for my Honda CB500X.  May not be everyone's cup of tea but you may find it interesting.  Feel free to subscribe if your intrested!  I will be posting an off-pavement video if all g… Go to Source

Wilzig gets a loaner Spec 32

Just saw this on FB: Quote I have a new definition of serendipity ! I decided that a "ten year vacation" is long enough and went back to work full time a few weeks ago , with 3 very smart 27yr olds who all graduated Dartmouth together. Together we're … Go to Source

Shortened shift linkage

I searched before posting and it seems this hasn't been mentioned yet. I found the existing shift linkage  to be a little longer than I liked. I would have to extend my foot a lot upward for up-shifts and hence my up-shifts clunky and not consistently … Go to Source

I got carried away

Gorgeous riding weather today, so I headed over to Canyon Lake, then to the Devil's Backbone to do the 13 curves. It was so much fun, I turned around and did it again. Then I looked at my charge and I was less than half. Oh well, one more pass, actuall… Go to Source

New firmware and everyting is at 0

Got the new firmware update for my 2013 Zero, but now the tachometer and the charge cycles is at 0 on the smartphone app.The tachometer on the bike is still the same as before but the app and the software think everything is new. Maybe they forgot to … Go to Source

Motorcyclist magizine 2014 Zero review

Motorcyclist magazine reviews the 2014 Zero SR in their May 2014 issue, starting on page 42.  Unfortunately, it is not much of a test.  It appears that all they did was to ride it across the Golden Gate Bridge and take a photo overlooking the Br… Go to Source

Brammo Hong Kong design contest – open for all

BHK just posted this on their Facebook page: Quote Brammo Fans! Behold!…drawings of the Brammo Empu… Go to Source

H4 LED Front ligth

Hallo! Ich habe ein H4 als LED eingebaut. Das Licht ist Wahnsinn! Spart 50% Strom! Google: I have installed a H4 as an LED. The light is amazing!50% power savings Gerha… Go to Source

Electric-only group ride on San Francisco peninsula, Saturday, March 22

I'm planning a group ride for electric motorcycles (and scooters, etc.) only this Saturday, March 22, starting at 9:30 am at Alice's Restaurant, Skyline Blvd & La Honda Rd, Woodside, CA.  Here's the planned [url=… Go to Source

ElectricCowboy and @pinkyracr write about 2014 S and SR on gas2

Good reads. Electric Cowboy bought his SR and then rode it ~1300 miles in 8 days. pinkyracr reviews an S ZF11.4 and compare… Go to Source