Zero x 2011 stops after 5 min

I have a problem with my Zero X 2011. It stops after 5 minutes. No error codes. When I plug off the  battery for 1 day it runs again 5 minutes. After you plug of the wires of the motor and put 12V directly on the motor it turns oke. Go to Source

Anybody get Charged at their local magazine store?

Cuz Brammo is on the cover…and a LONG story on the inside. Go and buy….you know you want to… G Go to Source

Luggage rack and Givi top box

So yesterday I picked up my long-lost Zero luggage rack and Givi top box.  The top box that I received was the Givi E340 model and did not have a Zero logo on the box.  Both accessories were so easy to install that it really isn't worth illustrating ho… Go to Source

Brammo heading Down Under?

Saw a post on Facebook that Elmofo was at Brammo for training… I looked up Elmofo, as it is a great name, but was unknown to me…They are a group from Australia…so Brammo might be shipping bikes a long way away soon? Gavin Go to Source

I’m back…

My name is Jeff, and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm the proud owner of Enertia #47 purchased way back in 2010. Up until last Fall I had been using my Enertia to commute 20 miles round trip to work when the weather allowed (i.e. not too hot!) but then… Go to Source

Took inspiration from Jeff…

… and hit the track with my Empulse R yesterday.  We had 40+mph winds, which made things interesting, but I still had a blast and learned a few things.  Like… I'm really rusty with my riding and my leathers shrunk during the winter!    [img widt… Go to Source

Brammo RR on the Dyno…this could lead to their street ready RR?

So if you want to hear what a 169 HP electric bike sounds like: 2014 Brammo EmpulseRR_Dyno Not as loud as a 169 HP gas bike, but clearly not silent… It looks like it would be fun… Go to Source

Showing upcoming mods

Some mods to come. Need to get it track worthy. Go to Source

Oil drain plug question

Does anyone know the size and pitch of the oil drain plug in our Empulse Rs? I've seen in the Wiki it has a 17mm head. Go to Source

Come’on Mark, Throw Us a Bone

Mark, Any updates available for public consumption? I see the web page has DC charging.  What is that and how are you doing it? How is the display and Mission OS coming along? Are you receiving any bits or otherwise qualifying vendors? I'm not looking … Go to Source