Hit a Bump then System Fault

I was doing 65-70 MPH on the highway the other day, nothing special about the day other than a cool Colorado spring day, at about 55 degrees.  SOC was more than 50% IIRC, and the bike had been running 20+ miles already.  I then hit a bump and my Emplus… Go to Source

Fender eliminator

Hi,Has anyone tried any of the fender eliminators out there?I'd love to see pictures of the result! Go to Source

Enertia Plus 12/2012 Austria

Hi I am selling my 12/2012 Enertia Plus. Now I´ve got about 4000 km on her. Price is now about €7700 (will be lowered by €100€ each month  ) Why I am selling? The enertia is a very nice bike, but offers too less power for me. In case of interest, j… Go to Source

Life with one 2012 XU

I've posted a couple of times stating that Zeros can be unreliable. By way of explanation, here's my Zero story. The first three paragraphs of this are excerpted from a post I made previously. Rest is self-explanatory. Our household's experience with a… Go to Source

Tail assembly loose: losing bolts

Yesterday I noticed that the rear end of my Enertia Plus was wobbly. On closer inspection I saw that a bolt is missing. In the time that I own the bike (a year and three months) this is the second time a bolt's fallen out. I've already asked my dealer … Go to Source

Electrics in the wild….

So Seal Sasa had this photo up of his enertia and an i3… I know I do this too…I see an electric car and I take a photo o… Go to Source

My motor has eaten itself.

Sad news. The past couple of days my 2012 S ZF9 has been making some unpleasant clunking noises and i was feeling a light kicking through the pegs with each noise..  It continued to get worse until on the way home today it was making the most horrendou… Go to Source

Depreciation scares me

Background: I'm mid 40's rode a 400cc honda back in the 80s for about 6 years as primary transportation but haven't ridden since. Considering getting a motorcycle and love the idea of electric. Cost however is scary. My other consideration would proba… Go to Source

Contactor Error

Does anyone know anything about contactor errors? I had the Power Tank installed in my SR yesterday and went for a ride after I got it home. First thing I noticed was no regen either when braking or when closing the throttle in any of the modes. After … Go to Source

The French "White House" goes electric

The French president's staff will be dumping their diesels and driving all electric cars soon.  You can read the story here:  http://news.motorbiker.or… Go to Source