zero DS 2010 bike will not turn on. Low Voltage Battery error,

took my motorcycle out of storage. plugged it inred light on charge controller blinks twice over and overlooked at charger controller manual and it says low voltage error. hopefully my battery is not destroyed, how can I get this charged up and test… Go to Source

Has anyone looked into bar risers?

I've been looking for some input on bar risers. Will there be enough clearance on wiring…. Looked at the rox bar risers for my 13ds and kinda tempted to get some 2 inch risers if they work. I'm 6' 1 and 240 lbs when riding off road I need my bars jus… Go to Source

Range of zero DS over the years

I know they have power booster battery packs for the 2014 modles, which can increase range, but this chart below look correct for REAL WORLD usage of the Dual Sport Bikes over the years? 2014 ds 71 miles2013 ds 71 miles2012 ds 55 miles2011 ds 43 mil… Go to Source

eMotoRacing at Willows this weekend.

Arthur Kowitz is at it again this weekend (man – they run a lot of races in AHRMA!).  Dave Roper is filling in for David Sadowski, but Sadowski is expected to be back on the bike for the Sonoma round at the end of next week.  Looks like fun! [url=htt… Go to Source

Front wheel removal fyi

Not sure how many of you have removed the front wheel, but fyi as it wasn't mentioned in the Brammo instructions. You won't be able to use a standard front stand. The weight of the bike on the stand puts the forks slightly out of alignment making inser… Go to Source

New Elecrtric Motorcycle Company?

Have y'all seen this? [url=http://www.fas… Go to Source

Yamaha electric bikes Go to Source

Cycle World magazine reviews the Zero FX ZF5.7

On page 50 of the May issue of Cycle World magazine is a very short review of the Zero FX ZF5.7.  They call the FX "the world's most entertaining electric bike", but say that its short range is an issue.  The review said that they typically got … Go to Source

What size missing screws?

I'm missing two screws as shown in the pictures.  How can I get replacements for these?  Are they standard sized screws I can get at Lowe's?  What size? Thanks! Go to Source


will it hurt my zero to leave it sitting out in the rain Go to Source