Mechanical and Electronic Toolkit Ideas/Recommendations?

ICE rider making transition to EV with trepidation of years of roadside remedies rendered inapplicable. Normal Tools easily make the transition:3-6mm hex       (anything larger or smaller?)Philips and Flathead screwdriversSocketsVise gripsTire Pat… Go to Source

(Very) Early Observations

As a new owner of only a week now, I'm giving my Plus its first full charge, from an indicated 10% remaining. Plugged in @ ~1730, full charge would be 8 hours, no?  2330?  As of 20:00 the display showed five hours remaining, which would put charge endi… Go to Source

Are Zero Motorcycles overpriced?

I do not understand how Daimler AG can sell an entire electric car for the same starting price of $12,995 as Zero's Zero S electric motorcycle. [url=http://www… Go to Source

fan conversion

Ich habe den Lüfterumbau durchgeführt.Die Drähte gut mit Schrumpfschlauch isolieren. Die Passgenauigkeit ist wie im Original. Die Schrauben passen auch noch, obwohl die neuen Lüfter etwas dünner sind. Achtung nicht zu fest anschrauben, sonst schleift … Go to Source

Summer Sale Days If you are looking to get a 2013 model for a bit less cash, click da linkage… G Go to Source

2014 Police DS model

Yesterday I saw a nice white police DS in my dealer's showroom with a sign on it saying "not for sale to the public".  It had a neat set of saddlebag mounts and crash bars, along with the Zero commuter windshield and looked just like this: [url=http://… Go to Source

Desert canyon on my Zero/Yamaha/Trikester e-trike

Beautiful Anza-Borrego weather and a good chance to get away from income tax day (last Tuesday). I've just added a new video to my Vimeo site. This takes you on a long e-trike ride up Arroyo Hueso to the top, overlooking the area near June Wash. Last s… Go to Source


Just a note that "doubletake" mirrors with the Yamaha adaptor fit the 2012-2014 Zeros. Way more adjustability than stock. Go to Source

brand new 2014 s11.4 squeaks at slow speed

   I love my new zero, but it is really squeaking when I drive real slow our come to a stop.  It sounds like a rickety bicycle and ruining the whole silent bike thing.  Any ideas? Could be back brakes. Go to Source

Enertia Fan Issue

I was riding home last night when my fan turned on and made a loud squealing grinding sound so I spun the fan and it's really tight so I took it out today hoping it just ha… Go to Source