Skene P3 Lights on Zero?

Wondering if anyone has installed these on a 2012 (XU)? Go to Source

H73 Service Code

Driving on the freeway around 70 mph, I hit a substantial expansion joint over a bridge, enough for the rear shock to bottom out. A bit later I noticed the warning on the dash: "GET SERVICE CODE H73" Since the bike ran normally, I didn't worry about it… Go to Source

Cross Post – Intro and some 2011 Zero X questions [img]… Go to Source

GIVI pannier case

finally the give pannier case is launchedbelow is my command base on the situation in hong kong – i will not use my spec 32 for touring due to the small size of hong kong and the charging time we need, therefore a large pannier case is not that usefu… Go to Source

Battery Porn…NSFW if you work at a battery manufacturer

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New Fender Eliminator coming from Competition Werkes!

I'm happy to report that there's a new tail tidy / fender eliminator coming very shortly from Competition Werkes, who are (conveniently) also located in Southern Oregon. T… Go to Source

I see nothing from the Givi brammo email

Anyone can help ?So keen to have a look on the new rack n begs Go to Source

KICK GAS movie April 22!!!

KICK GAS the movie will be released on April 22, 2014 and will be available to see on and at! The movie follows a group of people crossing the USA on all electric vehicles including a Nissan Leaf, a Zero S electric motorcycle, two… Go to Source

Why EV charging stations get the best parking spots

An article in my newspaper today explains why (in response to some complaints that they received from IC car drivers) EV charging stations are located in choice parking spots within private or public parking lots.  The article explained that, while EV … Go to Source

12v accessory circuit amps?

I am not home right now or I would check for markings but I was wondering if anyone knew how many amps the 12v accessory circuit is limited to. Is it only a function of the fuse you use or is there a hard value? I am trying to plan out all of my power ...