limit of battery charging time

How many times can our battery be charged ?If I charge the battery when it is e.g. 90% to full charge Will the battery life shorten 1 charge time that is same as I charge it at 10% to 100% ? Go to Source

For Sale: 2011 DS in Tampa, FL

Probably one of the only Zeros in Florida.  Id like to get $5000 but Ill accept offers.  The bike has 750 miles with no problems mechanically or cosmetically.  Can do 70mph and averages about 40 miles of range.  Email me for photos and more info ckeel4… Go to Source

Streamlining project is a go

I set up a blog so I can start dumping content about my streamlining project and everything else I dabble in. If your interested to see it please find me atBlog:       http://www.callmeburton.comYoutube:  [url=h… Go to Source

Changing tires

I finally got out and picked up a 27mm socket so I can change Turbo's slicks and put on my new street tires but I had some questions. Flat lifts, like those J&S Jacks make, I am sure would work with this bike but is it safe to pick the bike up by the b… ...

Johammer Electric Motorcycle: World’s Weirdest Way To Go Green

Yep it's weird! Go to Source

size of solar cell

just curious to know how big will the solar cell be, if we want it to full charge a empluse R in 6 hourswill it be as big as a football court?  Go to Source

Swivit Gopro mount

So I just learned of a kickstarter campaign currently going on for what looks like a neat little swivelly mount thing for Gopro cameras.  I backed… Go to Source

Kuberg Trex in action :

Kuberg Trex in action :  

Baut endlich die Engage

Google: Makes even a pressure so that the engage is built!!!! Gerhard Go to Source

Electric-friendly group rides in San Francisco Bay Area April 12, 26

Hey!  I'm planning two group rides in the San Francisco Bay Area that might be of special interest to this forum inasmuch as (1) I'll be on them with my 2012 Zero S ZF9 and (2) consequently, they're organized around a "fun" segment within range of a 20… Go to Source