Ohne Lärm und Gestank: E-Motorräder sollen Tourismus im Harz ankurbeln

Matthias Schmidt will den Tourismus im Harz ankurbeln, und das am besten so umweltfreundlich wie möglich. Er bietet Spritztouren auf Motorrädern an, die aber weder stinken noch donnernden Lärm von sich geben. Schmidts Touristen-Ausflüge sind nämlich To… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse servicing area? Do we need one similar to the Enertia forum?

First off…thank you BrammoForum Wiki:http://www.brammoforum.com/wiki/index.php?title=Empulse_Oil_Change Just did my 6000 miles oil change (at 6100 miles…I'm a slacker)….. Go to Source

Adding a saddle bag

Hello All, New owner and forum registrant here. I'd like to add a tail bag such as the Kriega US 20, but i'm curious as to how to do it.  It's suppose to go under the pillion seat, but how does one get under there?  Do I just yank up on the seat? Thank… Go ...

"Brammo has changed my opinion on eBikes"

http://4theriders.com/blog/brammo-has-changed-my-opinion-on-e-bikes/ Definitely w… Go to Source


What fitment is the CRG levers that will work on the Empulse? Go to Source

Someone’s Black Empulse R got posted on Reddit

Here:http://www.reddit.com/r/motorcycles/comments/228fnq/saw_this_on_campus_today/ Anyone recognize… Go to Source

Brammo at NOLA – Emotoracing

http://emotoracing.com/results-from-nola-motorsports-park-2nd-race-of-2014-season/ Can't figure out if they beat all the gassers, or that they came in first a… Go to Source

Wanted: 7.5kw charger…

Any of you modders interested in taking on a similar project designed to integrate with the Empulse? http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php?topic=3085.0 Apparently… Go to Source

Review of Zero SR on moto-magazine.ru

First off, I'm not Russian, nor do I read Russian, but I did come across this article and managed to get through pretty easily with the help of Google Translate: h… Go to Source

MV Rivale vs Zero SR

Not yet, but it is coming.  Check out the this review of the Ducati and MV super motards and be sure to watch the last two minutes of the video that accompanies the review: [url=http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/mega-motard-shootout-2014-ducati-hype… Go to Source