FS: ICON Brammo Spec 32 #6 of 32 Limited Edition

Price: $14,800 which includes shipping to lower 48 Purchased this bike brand new from Lone Star in Austin, TX on March 22, 2014.  Since that time I have only put 38 miles on the bike.  Work is relocating me to Brazil for a multi-year assignment so this… Go to Source

4 racing Brammos…

eMotoRacing hits the big track at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI June 6/7/8.At least 4 private entry Empulses will be on the grid, and who knows what else will show up.Daytona 200 winner Dave Sadowski, Racing School instructor Andrew Cowell, AHRM… Go to Source

Flat tube 2nd in one week

Anyone have any good recommendations on a tube that can withstand a lot I've been looking into the Michelin uhd tubes but worried about how that would make the ride feel. Both times picked up a nail this time it was not in very far thought it might not… Go to Source

Oregon gets a Chief Electric Vehicle Officer

http://www.govtech.com/transportation/Meet-the-First-Public-Sector-Chief-Electric-Vehicle-Officer-in-the-Nation.html I assum… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R at the track

Took my Brammo to the track over the weekend. Had a blast. Sharing the pix. [img width=600 height=399]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v469/Baghe… Go to Source

Brammo on the IOM?

http://manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/64140/tt-zero-challenge No, they're not racing in the TT Zero this year (which is unfortunate) but, according the video on this site, they will be particip… Go to Source

Philips Diamond Vision 5000K Ultrawhite light 60/55 w/ H4 Bulb

Well, I pretty much wrote all of it in the subject line.  Looks super cool.  Brighter blue than the image shows. Go to Source

A 140-mile ride on my 2014 S

I just returned from a 140-mile ride (without needing to recharge) into the Santa Cruz Mountains on my power tank-equipped Zero, stopping at Big Basin State Park and then riding to Highway 1, just north of Santa Cruz and back to my home in Pacifica. Th… Go to Source

Weight of battery pack on 2014 FX

Based on the owner's manual from here: http://media.zeromotorcycles.com/resources/owners-manuals/2014/2014-Zero-Owners-Manual-FX.pdf on page 4.7, t… Go to Source

Delta q quick charger for 13 Zero ds question

Just got my new delta q charger from zero today I plugged regular charger then plugged in under the tail and then plugged in delta q. I am not seeing any sign of faster charging even on the app it's still 11 amps and 1100ish volts. They sent some paper… Go to Source