S86 Code came up and turned off my bike

I pulled over on the side turned off the key the back on and it went away…. Hmmm??? Go to Source

Empulse Groupie!!!!

I parked the Empulse outside then when I got out I saw these groupies [img width=600 height=4… Go to Source

The Germans are starting to produce ride video’s :)

Nice roads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0x0lkkIWPw Go to Source

is the battery chemistry for 2012, 13 & 2014 the same?

is the battery chemistry for 2012, 13 & 2014 the same?zero's web site is pretty vague just stating that they are all li ion batteries. I know the 2009 to 2011 used the same molicel batteries from Canada. what is the next new big thing in battery tech… Go to Source

Rear passenger peg removal

This may be a stupid question but are the rear passenger pegs welded (not bolted) to the subframe? I'd look at it myself but I'm in Spain for the next couple of weeks. Go to Source

Merch merch merch!

FINALLY Also welp, that answers that question [img width=500 height… Go to Source

Brammo store–on line

http://www.ptxstore.com/brammo/ Now go buy some stuff G Go to Source