Battery life and charging

I struggle to see how Zero can make claims of 300k+ miles before the batteries reduce to 80% health. I also don't see why their advice is to keep the bike plugged into the mains all the time when parked up, even over a long winter break. My experience… Go to Source

2014 quick charger

Hello all, i have a question regarding the optional Delta-Q Quickcharger.I assume, that they are all simply switched in parallel by the y-cables from zero.How does every charger know the amount of current or voltage to deliver ?Or are they decoupled… Go to Source

Adjusting the Empulse seating/foot pegs to fit taller riders

Are there any super tall folks in here? Do any of you find the seating position on the Empulse/Empulse R to be a bit cramped for the legs due to the seat height and position of the foot pegs? A customer in Hong Kong (about 6'5") is asking if there are … Go to Source

New article on Lightning

I see they've been mentioned here in previous times; here's some more recent chatter on them:… Go to Source

Towing 2012 XU by front wheel?

Anyone know whether it is safe to use this kind of towing rig for a drive-belt equipped Zero? Go to Source

2012 DS power pulsing at sustained speeds

Hi Guys I have question: Is it normal for power to pulse at sustained speeds. Acceleration and deceleration is fine, only this pulse when sustaining power settings. Has anyone seen this issue before? Is this a problem? What causes this? Thanks in advan… Go to Source

Was able to give Sparky a good workout today (more pix coming soon)

Was able to give Sparky a good workout today. Totally different e… Go to Source

Ölwechsel für deutsch sprechende

Hier die Anleitung dazu: Gerhard Go to Source

Chain Oiler

Being an unrepentant farkle freak, I started researching chain oilers, not so much that I mind spraying DuPont Teflon Chain Saver Lubricant once a week on the chain, but what caught my interest was the claim made on several forums that oilers could dou… Go to Source

LED Headlight install.

Although I appreciated the increase in light from my HID headlight mod, I never liked the fact that it was focused very poorly. After some research I found a LED bulb that was specifically made to fit in the H4 headlight shell, so its emitters are in t… Go to Source