Got my SR today!

Just finished a 148 mile round trip ride to my nearest dealer to pickup my SR. It rained for the majority of the ride but I couldn't wait to get it. My wife and I rode 74 miles on my 1991 Honda VFR and then we swapped a couple times on the way back. It… ...

Chrysler CEO says don’t buy their Fiat 500e

According to this article, Chrysler's Chairman and CEO, Sergio Marchionne, doesn't want people to buy their all-electric Fiat 500e because they loose a ton of money on each sale.  So why sell them and what is the point of making this statement?    [… Go to Source

stereo for S

Has anyone installed a sound system?  Recommendations?  How do you power it? Go to Source

Spec 32 photos with Lala

I have no idea who Lala is but the pics of her with, on, and draped over, the Spec 32 are nice. Article/gallery here:… Go to Source

Noob with questions.

Howdy all and thanks in advance for any insight you all might have. I am considering purchasing a 2014 Zero DS 11.4 and will likely be going in for a test ride soon, but figured I might be able to get some insight here first. First of all about me, I g… Go to Source

Sweet pic of Shelina

Shelina Moreda on the assembly line: Go to Source

GPS tracker on 2014 Zero?

I've been busy moving and getting new furniture, so I've been pretty distracted since I picked up my bike around two weeks ago. I'd like to put a GPS tracker in it, though haven't yet had as much time as I'd like to explore the internals of the bike an… Go to Source

So Now Im buying a new 2012 DS 9kw

I had to drop the hammer on the new 2012 DS from the dealer here, the test drive i took last summer was too much. Sold my XU and not looking back. It was a fun bike but looks like i can pick up the DS before the weekend. Can't wait!  Jerry Go to Source

Some motorcycle art I modified

Any thoughts? Go to Source

Map your location – ride out together

AllWe have electrics now all over the globe. The forum helped me already to locate nigezero up the road and within range to get us to organise some rides. The map link below is a great way to help us get together even better h… Go to Source