What kind of fuse for 2010 DS

Am at work, so I don't have a mess of time to research right now, was hoping someone could help out. The problem:  I noticed on my ride in this morning that the DS didn't charge last night.  I replugged it in when I got to base and noticed the charger … Go to Source

Brian’s New 2014 Empulse R mods.

Ok… first couple of mods underway.  Just thought I'd share. Rizoma sport aluminum tapered handlebar.  The position is just right for the Empulse and the stock 2014 bar clamps accept the larger diameter bar without needing to use the kit parts I need… Go to Source

LED Aux Lights on 2012 XU

Started dismantling the fairing on my 2012 XU to figure out where I'm going to hook up my Denali DM Micro LED Aux lights. Apparently the bike is supposed to have an Accessory power connector somewhere but I have no idea where? Any ideas? [URL=http://im… Go to Source

new battery

Anyone know where I can get a new battery for my 2008 Vectrix? Go to Source

replacing stop light bulb on my 2012 Zero

Anyone know if it's safe to replace the stop light bulb on the Zero with this?:http://safelightstore.com/safelight-tech-specs.htmlAlso, what are my options for lowering the bike so I can … Go to Source

2014 FX strange warning flash

Just picked up a 2014 fx 5.7 (awesome), and after about 60 miles it started to flash the warning light and green circle light simultaniously 4 times.  It repeats the 4 flashes every few seconds whenever the bike is plugged in or on.  There are no warni… Go to Source

GenZe electric scooter

Another low-power big wheel e-scooter might hit the market one of these days.  This one will be made in America.  Planned output is  9,000 scooters a year. But, with a top speed of only 30 mph, will it sell?     At least the proposed retail price is… Go to Source

A Bultaco electric motorcycle

Bultaco has shown their new electric motorcycle prototype. Here is an article about the motorcycle: http://news.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/bultaco-their… Go to Source

New SR Owner in Germany

Hello together ,yesterday i got my brand new SR from my local dealer "orangebc" in Karlsruhe.Thanks to Mr. Kloiber  here for the delivery earlier than estimated! The short ride from the dealer back to home with red numbers had been a really great fee… Go to Source

Remembering Mark Buckley, the original Brammo Racer.

The Northwest 200 race in Northern Ireland kicks off the "proper" Road Racing season in the UK and is the run-up race to the Isle of Man TT races.  The NW200 races are taking place this weekend, so I'd like to take a second to remember Mark Buckley who… Go to Source