2014 or 2015?

Zero S or SR with PT Question – Wait for a 2015 or go for a 2014?2014's seem greatly improved from previous years. Speaking of possible 2015's – any rumors of changes / improvements? Other thoughts? Go to Source

Empulse R is ready for the track

Sharing a couple of pix. Sparky, my Empulse R, is ready to roll for this season. Got a TTX36 enroute and will pop it on + tweak suspension once I get it. It's been fun to ride on the street, can't wait for the track. Going to Putnam (local track in IN)… Go to Source

Considering an FX, but have some questions

Hey, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm considering buying one of the Zero bikes mostly as a fair weather commuter, and the price point and fun factor of the FX would make it my preferred choice. However, I think my commute may be pushing the lim… Go to Source

Contest – Pick the new banner photo

I think it's time to change the banner photo at the top of the forum. Here's the only requirement: it must be formatted as 800 x 220 pixels(?). Post your photos here in this thread. If they're your own photos, let me know. If they're from somewhere el… Go to Source

Mission Motors video

Here is a slick video published by Motherboard (and likely produced by Mission Motors) featuring Mission's RS model.  The do a pretty good job of outlining the advantages of the RS and electric motorcycles in general.  However, nothing is mentio… Go to Source

Federal EV rebates for 2014

According to an AP article printed in my newspaper today the Senate has opened debate on a tax bill that would roll over most current IRS deductions, including the ones for electric vehicle rebates.  Unfortunately, things are not as positive in … Go to Source

Storage bag popped out and got run over…

It all happened so fast. I was riding to work this morning and saw a gas biker a block or two behind me. I slowed down slightly to give him a chance to catch up, then stayed in close proximity to give him a chance to check out my new SR. Of course, the… Go ...

A plethora of Empulses

Yeah, that's what they called it on the Facebook post. Can't tell if they're trying to come up with a collective noun (e.g. pride of lions, herd of cattle, etc.) but surely we can come up with a better one. [img width=600 height=400]https://fbcdn-sp… Go to Source

New Owner Intro – Austin, TX

Hey all, I'm Jeff, and I'm in Austin, TX. I'd been watching the Zero and Brammo spaces for years, waiting for the performance envelope to cross my expectations of a bike which would be ridden on urban central Texas highways. That finally happened with … Go to Source

2011 DS speed sensor adjustment

Hi all, I picked up a new 2011 DS from a local dealer a month ago, jumping blindly into electric bikes. I've only put 20 miles on the bike since our weather sucks and I've been troubleshooting an issue that appears to be the speed sensor since day one… Go to Source