Regen 2014 SR

Where can I go to learn more about regen and how it works. I also would like to better understand how adjustments in custom mode work with regen. Insist in greatly appreciated. Go to Source

What would a proper Zero v Brammo comparison consist of?

Hey guys, Just for the sake of conversation; I was day dreaming the other day, as usual, about someone doing a proper Empulse vs S/SR comparison. I'd like 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times, track times, and a street review just like the mags do for everyone … Go to Source

Brammo Empulse in action at a recent moto Gymkhana event

Quote Thought you might be interested to see a Brammo Empulse in action at a recent moto Gymkhana event in the Netherlands. Considering Vincent Burger (corrected name) had never ridden an electric bike before he did pretty well in the competition. He … Go to Source

SAFETY ISSUE: my front fork is breaking apart after only 4000kms

I noticed a oil leak on the front fork, left side. I thought of a oil seal leak but a member of the forum told me he had the problem coming the lower part of the fork. Indeed as shown on my other post, the fork is leaking between the lower tube and the… Go ...

Dutch Brammo McMeet – July 13th

On Sunday July 13th Dutch Brammo McMeet is scheduled. Participants: – Kingcharles (Empulse)– FrankH (Enertia+)– Roan (Enertia+)– ? Everyone else who is interested in Brammo Mo… Go to Source

Show the petrol people watt’s watt | The Sunday Times Go to Source

UK Owner

Great forum, BTW. I've recently purchased a 2012 S ZF9 which I am delighted with.  But of course Zero have pulled out of the UK for now.  Are there any other UK owners here?  Go to Source

Best way to record 0-60, 30-60 times?

I remember reading another thread about someone asking whether anyone had tested the 0-60 time on the new Zero bikes. I have an SR, and bought the 25 tooth sprocket ("high torque gearing option") which I have yet to install. I'm curious to get a bunch … Go to Source

ready to purchase an Enertia Plus

Hello Brammo owners.  After much research, several demo rides and a few discussions with company reps from (both) electric motorcycle companies, I have made a decision to purchase a Brammo Enertia Plus.  I would be grateful to hear from Enertia Plus ri… Go to Source

replace drive belt after "ratcheting"?

Owner's manual says: "If ratcheting has occurred you should replace the belt before the next time you ride." Never owned a drive belt bike before so it took me a while to figure out that I was experiencing "ratcheting". I thought it was some glitch wit… Go to Source