Long Trip

I decided to take a ride to Ephrata, WA from my home in Arlington. It's my first long trip of the year! What a fun ride. Id recommend the US 2 route. There's plenty of chargers now. On my way out on Friday, May 31st the weather was great and the best … Go to ...

Translogic reviews the Mission Motors RS

Translogic has posted a video review of the $59,000 Mission Motors RS and an interview with their CEO.  You can see it here:  http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/02/translogi… Go to Source

Reading Logs?

Anyone know how to read the .DRV and .CHG logs?  I can open them in a hex editor but am not making sense out of the contents.  Would like to see what was going on during charging, duration, etc. Thanks! Go to Source

Soon to be EV owner ;-)

Few days ago i made the Order for a SR … Hope i will get the Moto later this month… greetings to all here ! lamac Go to Source

New Owner of a FX 5.7

Bike is crazy awesome. Picked it up on Thursday, and I'm addicted to it. It's like a giant smartphone that flings me furiously around town. I already have a good supply of stories to tell about people's reactions to it, being the first person to own a … Go to Source

Finally got to ride the new 2014 FX!

After months of waiting and waiting and some more waiting, I finally got to test ride the MY14 FX. The closest dealer is in Hamburg/Germany (I live in Denmark), and they have been really really slow at responding to my emails. They don't like communica… Go to Source

New garage setup

Well, I started moving into a new place a few weeks ago, and am finally now getting settled more. Previously I've been parking my bike in the garage and plugging it into the same outlet that the garage door is plugged into. The wiring was a bit hazy, s… Go to Source