Watch "Candid Conversation with Brammo Empulse Customer!" on YouTube

Ain speaks!Candid Conversation with Brammo Empulse Customer!: Go to Source

12v for USB accessories

Hi, I want to install an USB power outlet for powering my phone or other accessoires. I discovered two unused connectors on the handlebars. A black connector on the left hand side. [img width=600 height=338]… Go to Source

2010 Brammo for sale LA/OC area $5500 Go to Source

Empulse to start in upcoming movie filmed in Oregon.

From the press release: “Another great thing about Southern Oregon is the innovation and technology going on here,” said Anne. “Brammo’s Empulse, a locally manufactured electric motorcycle, will have a starring role in Black Road.” “When Gary and Anne… Go to Source

After the rear shock now the fork is leaking !!!

On another post I was discussing about my 2013 DS rear shock leaking. Well after 3 mouths I still have no warranty replacement and from what I know the french technician and commercial agent is even not responding to phone calls from my shop !And now … Go to Source

"clutch slip" like sensation on hard acceleration?

Every once and a while on hard accel, I notice the RPM jump really high but no concomitant forward "jump" in speed.  Almost like the clutch is slipping. Anyone else have this issue? I do have the CRG clutch lever  and maybe I need to let it out a bit a… Go to Source

Custom mode setting

Naturally, I have been fooling around with my 2014 S's "custom" mode setting using the Zero app (the only thing I use my free hand-me-down cell phone for) since I have owned my bike.  I think I have finally decided on the best settings for the custom m… Go to Source

Brammo founder: Valley is perfect for startups Quote There is a common thread running through start-up companies that provide new job… Go to Source Zero vs. DRZ Supermoto Shootout

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Ariel Ace

Given Brammo's heritage, I thought I'd post this up. [q… Go to Source