likes the Brammo Empulse Loved this: Quote Testing the bike at the Dunsfold ‘Top Gear’ test track, I’ve never felt so confi… Go to Source

20,000 MILEstone

After over a year of owning my 2013 Zero S, I hit the 20,000 mile mark. I want to give a "year review" of the bike but I want to… Go to Source

What is this hole for?

I have owned my 2014 Zero DS for a month now. I know there was something covering the hole to the lower righ of the instrument console but I lost it on the 2nd or 3rd ride. So what is this hole for? Go to Source

First Lito Sora’s Delivered (video link)[/ur… Go to Source

Adding a USB charger

I want to add a USB charger to my 2014 S.  Supposedly there is an accessory port somewhere.  How do I find it?  Is it a standard size?  What a huge difference it would be to not worry about my phone charge on a ride.  How do I get to this port? Thanks … Go ...

Biff riding a 2014 Zero FX!

Ryan did a really nice job with the new gen 75-X  Z-force motor and he deserve all my respect for that as well. Here is a video he posted recently  showing him riding a 2014 FX!: Supermoto USA Round 3 at Prairie City Kart Track, California. Open Begin… Go to Source

Wiring Diagram 2014 SR

Anyone know how to get access to the wiring diagrams for the 2014 SR? Please PM me. Go to Source

New Video

Hi! Mein neues Videomy new video Gerhard Go to Source

$750 rebate in Massachusetts

 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is pleased to announce the launch of the Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) program.>> Funded by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Department of Energy Resources (DOE… Go to Source

Always on 12vdc power supply

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer I am not responsible for your ignorance! Go to Source