Chain maintenance

Here is a decent overview by Bike Bandit that describes how to remove and replace motorcycle chains and sprockets and how to maintain your chain: [url=… Go to Source

EV articles in Motorcyclist magazine

The August issue of Motorcyclist magazine contains a couple of articles about electric motorcycles.  On page 16 is a story titled "Smoother Than I.C.E." that describes the advantages of an electric motorcycle's motor torque spread when racing an… Go to Source

My battery pack capacity is increasing

I now have over 2500 miles on my power tank equipped S.  When the pack was new the Zero app showed a fully charged charge (sorry) of 13.22 kWh.  Last night I checked it again, with a 100% charge, the app showed a charge of 13.34 kWh.  So I guess my pac… Go to Source

NYT reviews the Zero SR w/ PT Likes: speed, handling, riding. Range said to be 85 to 95 miles in a mix of "calm city cruising and impatient cornering". Dislikes: thermal cutback after only a couple of minute… Go to Source

Enertia Plus Review?

Does anyone know of any full, in depth reviews of the Enertia Plus? Video or article don't matter. Is it me or since the production Empulse came out, understandably, the Enertia has taken a back seat. I have and always will love the look of the Enertia… Go to Source

Zero SR vs. Fazer 1000 – gearing

I've had my Fazer FZS 1000 for approx. 3 months now so I'm getting pretty familiar with its capabilities. I've come up with a bit of a theory and I wonder if it bears any relation to the experience of you lucky SR owners out there. I'm fascinated with… Go to Source

Did you get your R or RS?

Mission is supposed to start delivering bikes sometime soon.  If anyone gets one, please post Go to Source

Higher Torque Gearing Option Does anybody have any personal experience with th… Go to Source

Fast Charging with Electric Motor Werks SmartCharge 12000

I'm looking at the SmartCharge 12000 from Electric Motor Werks for fast charging my 2014 Zero SR at track ride days. The SmartCharge units have enormous flexibil… Go to Source

Newport Beach, California – new Brammo dealer

From the email announcement: Quote Brammo Welcomes Brammo Newport Beach to Dealer Network TALENT, Ore., June 19th, 2014 Brammo, Inc., a leading developer of electric vehicle technology and manufacturer of electric vehicles, is pleased to announce the … Go to Source