My Dreams Come True? A Production Electric Harley?(photos and article links inc)

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Variable Regen ? possible with the 2012 to 2014 controller?

I just wrote to  Sevcon asking about that. I have a Kelly KBL serie on my 15kW ebike and i installed a second throttle grip on the left side to have variable regen. I really love it !! You can adjust precisely the regen braking level to keep great spee… Go to Source

2012 SR vs 2013 S

Actual project: 2012 SR conversion  Goal : get more power and acceleration .. not top speed! limitation: low 66V Battery voltage = limiting battery max power You probably saw my post with teh desire to add a size 6 or a 75-7 motor to my Zero… be… Go to Source

Is it junk?

My 2012 zf9 quit at 3000 miles last year. Since the nearest dealer is over 8 hours away, zero sent a truck to pick the bike up and take it to the factory, and returned it 6 weeks later, supposedly fixed. At 9000 miles it quit again, but this time I jus… Go to Source

Great looking Empulse from Hong Kong

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Market Value for a 2012 ZF6

What do you guys feel is a good selling price for a used 2012 Zero S (ZF6) is perfect condition with about 5K miles on it (not that it matter with electric motors..)It's got a Givi 46l and side boxes, front and back LED with tail elimination. Go to Source

Watch "Brammo Empulse R" on YouTube

New video from… Um… Germany?  Brammo Empulse R: Go to Source

Just replaced my ZF9S

My dealer got in a 2013 ZF-S 11.4. So as I've had a few problems with the motor on my old ZF9, I decided to replace it with the ZF11.4 Really pleased I managed to snag the 2013, as I know it was getting a bit of interest in the showroom.  Go to Source

Watch "Brammo Empulse R second test riding in Korea" on YouTube

Brammo Empulse R second test riding in Korea:, but there's some harrowing lane-splitting going on in this video. Go to Source

Vintage Cafe Electric Pretty nice! Go to Source