Latest So Cal dealership…

Hollywood Electrics…a big deal and glad to see the two come together to sell bikes…… Go to Source

Motor cooling solution?

Hey all; it's clear that simple cost effective cooling solutions are key for sustaining ongoing hi power applications from what I'm reading. I'm sure heaps of people are innovating but struck me that I haven't seen a thread yet of such solutions.  So;… Go to Source

Front Fork quick bleeder valves

I have just installed front fork quick bleeder valves onto my new 2014 Zero S.They are available model #26-300Make sure the front wheel is off the ground before bleeding.NEVER[/… Go to Source

Suspension adjustments 2014 Zero SR

I need advice on adjusting my suspension. I'm 185 and ride the 405 between the 105 and the 101 everyday. Those who know that freeway know its unforgiving. Any help is appreciated. Go to Source

LED lights on Motorcycle

Anyone using LED downlighting to highlight there motorcycle?Would like to see photo of how you decorated your bike. Go to Source

2012 w/ #6 controller vs 2014 w#4 controller

I finally took a test ride around town on a 2014S and while it seemed better built and faster than my stock 2012 I liked the lighter weight of my 2012 more so I opted for the size 6 upgrade instead of a new bike. When I got the bike back from Harlan it… Go ...

Preventing water ingress to electrics from front wheel spray

I did a little work recently to prevent water getting into the connector area above the battery from front-wheel spray.  I have blogged it at http://mikeisted.wordpress… Go to Source

New classification for Zero S in Quebec

Previously registered with a capacity of 10 cc, my Zero S 2013 is now a 16  kW motorcycle (the average power apparently). Below 125 cc I was not allowed on the highway but only required a class C motorcycle permit. But above 11 kW I need a class A per… Go to Source

Polaris Slingshot

You guys have got to see this: Re… Go to Source

my new SR will get delivered this Wednesday,

right to my home, as the dealer is 200 miles away.  Bought it in Dayton OH and looking forward to riding it in my own area, to see how far I can go on battery charge.I'll put my mark on the map, so look  for yet another Zero rider in Ohio. Go to Source