Bent Kickstand

This was a really freak occurrence, but one that Brammo may want to look into: I tried to park my Empulse on a VERY steep San Francisco hill [Greenwich St between Jones and Leavenworth] that has head-in parking. Usually I try to find two adjacent empt… Go to Source

What are the dimensions of the Power Tank?

Perhaps this is a question best asked to Zero directly, but I'm curious if anyone knows the dimensions of the Power Tank battery? I'm hoping it's close enough to dimensions of one of the available quick charge options (even with DIY) that one could get… Go to Source

MOVED: Take a look at this article on Envia batteries – looks like they’re still here!

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Take a look at this article on Envia batteries – looks like they’re still here!

Here's an article I read off on a grant from an electric vehicle consortium to Envia systems to further their battery research. The rumor of their death may have been exaggerated. [url=… Go to Source

Any Zero riders going to Energica event July 30?

Hi. I am posting here rather than in the "Other Electric Vehicles" category because I was hoping to meet Zero owners.All I know is that it happens at Bear Mtn…don't know exact time and location. I will submit request for demo ride today Go to Source

Watch "2014 Brammo Empulse Review"

New review posted by Brammo Switzerland last night. Outstanding! 2014 Brammo Empulse Review: Go to Source

Test ride on 2014S and low speed acceleration

Had a test ride on a new S model. Of cause the SR the next day so I didnt get to do a back to back test. Quite enjoyed the ride, interesting sensation not having to worry about gears.And I thought the mid speed punch was quite reasonable.But was a bi… Go to Source

I put a deposit on an SR today,

and will complete the transaction this Thursday. The dealer in Ohio (Dayton) will then truck the bike to my home some 200 miles away, at my convienence!I'm looking forward to the expierence. Go to Source

Motorcyclist DS/Honda CRF250L comparison article

The September 2014 issue of Motorcyclist magazine contains a 5-page test ride comparison of the Honda CRF250L and the 2014 power-tank equipped Zero DS. The article starts on page 44 and is titled "Coal vs. Solar".   Personally, I didn't care for… Go to Source

I’m sure Brian will come to give the 411 about the new refuel lap record

But from Shane The Torpedo Turpin…there is a new refuel lap record… Congrats to Brammo and a fine team of racers and builders… G Go to Source