BikeMaster tire repair kit fits perfectly under seat!

This kit has a really good number of tools to repair a flat tire on the fly! I now always have it under the seat and I have a 5mm allen wrench in the front storage compartment to take the seat off. $30 is cheap for peace of mind! [url=… Go to Source

DS mods

So here's some of the custom mods to my bike, big charger removed skid plate removed. I will at the plastic side pieces later but will make them removable for off-roading. I like to add smaller charge later to keep as acc on or off unit. I also modifie… Go to Source

Front Brake Pads

Hi, as I now reached 6000km, I should replace the front brake pads. Do you know which type I should order? On the brake "SK27" is written, but it does not help me that much. Thanks– Rano Go to Source

Edelweiss Alp tour on electric motorcycles reports that Edelweiss has announced the details of their electric motorcycle tour of the Alps.  Read the article and see the route and prices here:… Go to Source

A hemp electric scooter concept

Smoke 'em if you got 'em: Go to Source

new owner’s impressions

To begin, a little background about myself:  I am a 52 year old exhibition designer.  I design exhibition concepts for the display of art and artifacts for museums and private clients.  I live in Northern NJ and I have a short daily commute to my offi… Go to Source

Daymak Beast Electric mini-bike

Here is another new prototype electric vehicle.  This one is sort of a large mini-bike or naked scooter, with small knobby tires, covered with solar panels, and a Givi top box installed.  The price is right, if it actually comes to market and at that p… Go to Source

Brammo Hong Kong – T-shirt design contest

Hey Brammo Fans…who's got clever design skills?Were looking to come up with some trick new limited edition shirt designs to launch later this year at the 2014 Hong Kong Motorcycle Show. Got an idea that you think would work really well for Brammo m… Go to Source

Local innovators featured in new Smithsonian exhibit Go to Source

Test rode a sr yesterday. My impressions…

New member here.  Just to clarify, I currently ride an 09 Aprilia Mana 850 with 22k miles.  Great bike, but dealer service is 50 miles away and breathtakingly expensive. My first impression of the SR is that its really nothing much to look at. No bling… Go to Source