Breakdown on high way – SERVICE REQUIRED S96

For the second time my Enertia+ dropped dead riding on the high way . I rode full throttle over a distance of 10 km and I hitted two junctures in the tarmac of an overpass. Message SERVICE REQ'D S96 came up.Still riding I turned off and started agai… Go to Source

Riding styles and safety

How do you guys think the performance of the 2012 bikes affect your riding style? As many of you may know, I'm the proud owner of a Gen 1 Fazer 1000. It's a strong bike with plenty of mid range torque and bags of top end. It makes it fun to ride and I … ...

Throwback Thursday post by CEO Bramscher – Enertia (pre production)

I'm loving these early photos of the pre-production Brammo Empulse that Craig Bramscher is posting on his Facebook:[img width=600 height=450]… Go to Source

Repeated belt breakups : any suggestion on what the issue could be ?

Two months ago, the belt of my Zero 2013 S broke for no reason in the middle of the Champs Elysées – it only had 3000 km or so, only riding on the streets of Paris (not really a "tough" environnment). After some discussions, Zero accepted to supply the… Go to Source

2012 S ZF15 !!

Doctorbass DIY Side case battery range extender. After I finished the 2013 motor upgrade on my S 2012 next step before going to the size 6 controller is improving the range for some long trip. My choice is to add battery on th… Go to Source

10,000 Mile Club

Just became eligible  I know I'm not the first, but with how brutal our winter was last year here in Chicago, I bet I won't be seeing any others for a while. [img width=600 height=450]… Go to Source

Why do I like the FX Go to Source

One red LED light lit up continuously

The error code thread got me wondering. Has anyone encountered the right most (of the 4 LEDs on the instrument panel it is the last one to the right) LED staying on red continuously? What's odd is it is more like half lit, not fully lit. No error codes… Go to Source

Energica Ego in the neighborhood!

I often read about bikers and Alice's restaurant. Today I noticed an Instagram post from Energica showing off their bike in that neighborhood. Did any of you had a chance to go and see it? Go to Source

July 4th – Brammo in the Talent Parade

Can someone from Brammo explain the theme that you were going for in this parade?  I'm guessing it was something about dinosaur juice (gas) and the end of fossil fuels. [img width=600 height=400]… Go to Source