ReFuel Races this weekend at Laguna Seca.

The Brammo race team will be attending the Tesla Motors Club TMC-Connect conference in Monterey on Friday (18th) and Saturday (19th) and then hitting the track… Go to Source

Zero or Dealer for Service?

Who do you use when you have a service issue; Dealer or Zero directly? I the reason I ask is I've noticed a number of posts indicating dealer challenges and just today I brought my DS back because the front fork seal is leaking. The mechanic told me he… Go to Source

Have you seen any battery loss of capacity?

Taking up Skuzzle/ShinySide's conversation from another thread, some folks have had their Empulse for well over a year.  Have you noticed any loss of range?  I'm at 10 months and 5500 miles, and my barometer is my daily commute, but there are so many … Go to Source

New organic bulk storage battery.

Cheap and eco friendly rechargeable battery for bulk energy storage. Although it won't be good for in vehicle use, we will also need rechargeable bulk storage batteries to supply the brief but high demand of future quick charge of vehicles. Also for so… Go to Source

CompetitionWerks Tail + Signals

Hi all,Sharing a couple of recent pix. I've converted my Empulse R back to street duty after having it in track mode the past couple of months. I'll be converting it back to track in Sept/Oct. While doing that I went ahead and got a CompetitionWerkes … Go to Source

Empulse Tested at Top Gear Track! Go to Source

My Empulse is not charging

I got back from church hoping my Empulse would be fully charge for my to hit Angeles Crest just to find out it's still at the same percentage as it was when I last plugged it so I tried plugging it on and off and still the same it shows charging but ze… Go to ...

Advice please – I need help convincing my wife…

Yesterday I took a trip up to Streetbike in Birmingham (UK) to test ride their 2012 DS which they have as a demo.  This follows my test ride on a 2013 S last year.  I really couldn't justify the cost of a new Zero S last year. I tried, I really wanted … Go to ...

Handlebar width on the 2012 Zero S and DS?

Has anyone got a tape measure handy? I've been trying to find the info online but the spec sheets don't seem to list the width of the bikes, unless I'm missing it! I'm seriously considering buying either of these models but I'm worried the handlebars w… Go to Source

28t 2013 DS on 2012 DS

I was wondering if any one has tried the higher gear with the 28t 2013 drive pulley instead of the 25T stock pulley. Any data? Cheers Jerry Go to Source