Error Codes

Hello Everybody! I've been seeing some error codes on my bike and thought that it would be interesting to gather information about the error codes that people have been seeing. Eventually, I would like to make a table on the Wiki that has this informat… Go to Source

Watch "REVIEW: Brammo Empulse R vs. Top Gear Test Track" on YouTube

REVIEW: Brammo Empulse R vs. Top Gear Test Track: Go to Source

Ready for FX, but dealer wary

My plan is to purchase the 2014 FX.  I don't think advancement in battery tech (in the coming months) will be compelling enoughto warrant a wait for the 2015 models.After reading many owner posts, it is clear to me that the quality/competence of deal… Go to Source

LAPD choose the Zero MMX

This article published by Ride Apart (that sounds like it was written by the Zero promotional department) says that the LAPD has bought one or more custom Zero MMX models to use for off-road patrol duty:  [url=… Go to Source

Good luck to Eurosports this weekend!

Quote Eurosports Brammo Empulse TTX which they will race in #AHRMA this weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Bill (H-Bach) Himmelsbach is the pilot. via Brammo Facebook.[img width=600 height=448]… Go to Source

Two identical Zero DS 2012s, sorta

My neighbor from a couple blocks away has an identical Zero as mine. Except he's done some modifications to his as can be seen in the photos below. He's heading to the [url=… Go to Source

Belt alignment

The belt on my 2012 Zero ZF9 is rubbing slightly on the shouldered side of the rear sprocket.  I don't think it's causing any damage (yet) but it can be heard as the wheel rotates.  It just needs to be running 1mm closer to the wheel.  Does anyone know… Go to Source

Question about Zero and being a new rider

Hi all, I tried to research a little in the forum on this topic but I couldnt really find anything on it. I just started my research in purchasing a bike and saw the Zero S and SR. I currently hold my endorsement on my license to drive and operate a mo… Go to Source

Rear wheel wobbles, belt tension is too widely variable

This afternoon to reply to another thread I checked my belt tension with the specific tool. And OOOhhhh my dear, I read 20kg at one position of the wheel and 40kg after a 180° wheel turn. My rear sproket is out of center but I can't adjust it !!!Any i… Go to Source

Charging at GE Wattstations with J1772

Has anyone on the forum successfully charged their Zero at a GE Wattstation?  I have tried three different locations and have not been able to charge at any of them. I have contacted GE about this and they are looking into the problem. Today I got an e… Go to Source