Team Industries Enters into Strategic Partnership with Brammo Inc.

Quote BAGLEY, Minn. & TALENT, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TEAM Industries, a market leader in drivetrain technology, and Brammo Inc., a leading electric vehicle technology company, have entered into a strategic partnership. As part of this partnership, TEA… Go to Source

New Brammo email…

The highlight: Brammo wants you to experience our award winning motorcycles. Visit your local dealer during the month of July for a free demo experience. If you take a demo ride on a Brammo during the month of July and purchase within 30 days of the de… Go to Source

Belt Tension Testing?

My 2014 DS is the first belt drive bike I have owned. Is the best (maybe only) way to test belt tension to use the tension tester as indicated in the owners manual? Can you test the deflection of the belt similar to a chain on a chain drive bike? The … Go to Source

More Press Look at top… The electric motorcycle for sale and on the roads G Go to Source

Selling EV’s article by CR

In the August issue of Consumer Reports, starting on page 49, is a two-page article titled "Cars", "Plug-in reality check".  It questions if electric-car (and I think the same would apply to electric motorcycles) customers are getting the right … Go to Source

Brammo in Canada

Quote Living north of the US-Canada border and longing to go all-electric, but bringing the bike over is too much of a hassle and only makes the burning hole in your wallet bigger? No more sighs, as Brammo will become available in Canada really soon, … Go to Source


I added a pair of Denali DM Micro lights as well as some LED blinkers and brakes.  The Denali lights are nice to have at night.  Definitely worth it.[img]http://canyonquest…. Go to Source

Empulse as first motorcycle.

I am thinking about getting a 2013 Empulse soon. One of my concerns is a Empulse too much bike for someone's first street bike. I've road other off road vehicles like quads, dirt bikes, mo-peds but I've never had a street bike of any kind. So what do y… Go to Source

Mirror won’t stay in position

I don't know what other bikers do, but on all my bikes I always end up with one or both mirrors getting loose. My Zero has 1600 km and the left mirror gets down after a few bumps. Any solution other than glue? Go to Source

A few notes about modes

I spent some time today figuring out the answers to a few questions I still had about modes. I decided to compile some of the less obvious info. This isn't meant to be comprehensive but should help new owners who are scratching their heads. I have a 20… Go to Source