is there an aftermarket – Footpegs, Windscreens, other accessories and tuning?

Have close to 4000 miles on my SR. Looking for any and all aftermarket accessories and tuning.  Top of my list are footpegs, grips, windscreen and any passive liquid cooling system for the motor like that use on Pikes Peak.  Any and all recommendations… Go to Source

Hollywood Electrics-modified Zero FX fastest e-bike up Pike’s Peak!

And maybe better still, fastest first sector of all motorcycles!  Surprised I'm the firs tto post this:… Go to Source

Consumer Reports reviews the 2014 Zero range

You may have received an email from Zero pointing out this link to a Consumer Reports review of the Zero motorcycle range.  But if you didn't, here is a link to the mostly positive article:  [url=… Go to Source

2014 handlebars

Sat on a 2014 R today at Scuderia.  The new bars on the R make for a better riding position, and they look great, too.  If they are backwards compatible with the 2013s, I would seriously consider swapping them in.  Anyone know? Go to Source


Sat on one today at Scuderia.  The new bars on the R make for a better riding position, and they look great, too.  I assume the bars are backwards compatible with the 2013? Go to Source

People are going blind?

This actually happened to me a couple of times over the past couple of days – people moving over into my lane, one even while looking right at me strangely, and all in slow motion so it was easy enough to avoid them… [url=… Go to Source

2014 SR – no luck

2014 SR – no luck Why, no luck? From June 21 to June 27 – I tried to purchase a new 2014 SR from two different California dealerships -but- a few questions needed answers before I went forward.Both dealerships pre-sale customer service was poor to ho… Go to Source

Almost time for a new rear tire…

So I'm around 7200 miles (or 12000 km for our friends using metric…which is like everybody else in the world)…and my rear tire is almost to the wear bar…. I figure it's about time for a new tire. So…questions. What tire? What size? I hear that … Go to Source

Zero S ZF11.4 2014: sudden shutdown while riding

The bike was with the dealer for 3 weeks. They took it apart, put it back together and did some tests together with people from Zero.Got back the bike 2 days ago but alas same problem: bike suddenly shutdowns while riding. The dash is completely blank… Go to Source

Electric gull

This is a really cool use of a Zero power train. Go to Source