Video of my commute on an Empulse Please find above a link to a video of one of the first rides on my Empulse R. This ride includes rural roads, city streets, 15% grade climbs, gradual de… Go to Source

The DS is going deer hunting

I'm prepping the 2010 DS for the fall hunting season.  The fact it's pretty silent will help quite a bit and it's got some pretty good off-road credentials.  One problem: I need to mount my shotgun or bow to the rear (I hunt on base and slinging it is… Go to Source

Scoot electric scooter rentals

Here is an interesting article about "Scoot" a low-power electric scooter rental system in San Francisco.  It seems like business is good and they are expanding their system, along with replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium.  The article mentions … Go to Source

Preventing water ingress from front wheel spray (2014)

Much like the topic in the <=2012 section of the zero's I was looking for a way to prevent front wheel spray fr… Go to Source

2013 Zero XU 2.8 with complete motor failure

Just wanted to report a complete motor failure on a Zero XU 2.8 after < 6000 miles. Some details:~5500 miles on the ODO after about 1 year of drivingDrive every day as a primary vehicle, twice a day, ~10 miles each way While driving to work at about … Go to Source

Trouble already on day 2 of ownership

My 2014 SR has some glitches that started this morning. After charging overnight to 100%, I rode to  my gym about 8 miles away.  After that, the screen went to 0.0% charge and the battery icon was empty. Rode to Starbucks, and after that, the bike scr… Go to Source