Slow Speed Maneuvering

So first week with the Empulse and I'm finding slow speed maneuvering a bit difficult. I haven't been riding the clutch on it as I was taught in my MSF course because when I try it doesn't feel the same. Is it normal to ride the friction zone on the Em… Go to Source

Ride Apart electric motorcycle article

In this article, Ride Apart offers their opinion regarding the current offerings in the electric motorcycle market:… Go to Source

A new Brammo news article

Check out this news article: It looks like the manufacturing of the Enertia in Europe didn't work out and the assembly o… Go to Source

Headlight not on when charging

I know originally my bike's headlight came on when charging, as well as the tail light. My headlight never come on now, which I actually like (hated that it came on in the first place). Has anyone else experienced this? Just curious more than anything … Go to Source

New Brammo Owner in Tampa

Hello!  I am a new owner of an Empulse here in Tampa and was wondering if there are any other owners in the area.  My Buddy TJ (who I work with at Eurocycles) purchased one as well.   Here is a picture we took while riding around last weekend. (Mine is… Go to Source

Charging while under cover.

Is there an issue with charging it with the cover on? Is there a risk of overheating? My bike charges on my front stoop and I wouldn't mind keep curious eyes off the bike not to draw too much attention that could put it at risk of thief. Also thinking … Go to Source

New Post on

Thats right, the website is still alive and I have not given up on Brammovangelizing – Yes, I think thats a thing. With the new job, kid, (as well as another right around the corner) life has been kicking my ass. I have much less time on my hands, as I… Go to Source

Brammo’s big sale

Apparently Brammo is offering some fairly significant price reductions on 2013 and 2014 bikes….$7,000 off the regular price of the 2013 Empulse R, and $5,000 off the 2014s. The fact they even have new 2013s is probably an indication sales are not whe… Go to Source

Difference Empulse to Empulse R

Hi can you tell me, what are really the differences between "Blank" and "R"? The motor provides more torque. Is it a different motor or just a different application?Are there any other changes? Do you know something about acceleration, the R should be… Go to Source

em videos

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