Electric Vehicle Rally Zero

A highly-modified Zero at Alice's restaurant, in Woodside, today (August 24): http://wordpress.allelectricvehiclerally.org/ Go to Source

Isle of Man TT

Does Zero participate in the IOMTT? VIP tickets just went on sale this week… Go to Source

How do I reset an error code?

So my 2012 Zero S ZF9 had the 2-4 error code for the BMS circuit board failure.  Zero sent me a new board and the dealer installed it. They're telling me the bike runs now but that the error code still is flashing 2-4. Does anyone know how to make the … Go to Source

Sonderpreis in EU

Soeben erhielten wir die Nachricht, das die Empulse und die Empulse R bis 31.10.2014 zu einen Sonderpreis abgegeben wird. Aber nur in Europa. Brammo hat beschlossen den Start des Brammo Empulse Verkaufs in Europanicht wie viele andere Firmen durch ein… Go to Source

Koso Dead?

I was trying to figure out why my brake light wasn't activating when I pressed the rear brake or front and I grounded out my brown and white/red wires on the molex connector -_- Immediately the koso display goes black less a couple indicator led's (lik… Go to Source

Renovo electric sports coupe

Check out this new Selby coupe-styled car. It looks like no cost will be spared in its development: http://renovomotors.com/the-coupe/ Go to Source

The Angler Wranglers are arriving

The Angler Wranglers, "Darwinian crusaders", have arrived by ship and their custom 2014 Zero DS. Photos of the group on their research vessel, an Angler-Mermaid variant, and the eBike are shown below. www.AnglerWran… Go to Source

Brammo End of Summer sale –

Just noticed this new page on the website:http://www.brammo.com/us-incentives/ Quote For a limited time, receive incredible end of season discounts including 3.9%* 4.14% APR financing for up to 60 mon… Go to Source

Battery Gauge Stuck At Full, No Regenerative Braking.

Turned on my 2012 ZF6 S yesterday after a full charge. Noticed right away that there was no regen. Tried a few power cycles, nothing. The charging indicator showed 3 of 4 lights but the meter on the dash was full. Didn't charge and ride to work today a… Go to Source

Brammo and Icon video is off the charts

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