Coolant change

Here is a generic article on how to flush and change motorcycle coolant systems that may be of interest: Go to Source

Helmet paint

I've seen a few really nice paintings on the fairing, tank, and helmets of Zero and other electric bike owners. The references are scattered across a few postings, so I thought to start a new posting for my rider protection system. I really like the ca… Go to Source

India plans a $2.3 billion support proguram for electric motorcycles

t looks like India is getting serious with their support of electric motorcycles and scooters in order to help cut their inter-city pollution: [url=… Go to Source

2012 Zero DS vs.2014 Honda NC750X DCT

I was getting very hopeful about the possibility of buying my first EV a few weeks ago.  To cut a long story short, I was unceremoniously dumped on by my family and friends when I tried to get the green light… A little bit of background first: I hav… Go to Source

Renovo American Muscle Supercar

WOW!Please send donations in care of Jeff needs a Renovo.Thanks… Go to Source

Charging at 4 kW

I finally have "high-speed" charging for my 2012 S ZF9! Well, not as high-speed as I would like, but it's a vast improvement. I had originally purchased one Delta-Q Quic Charger to add to the on-board charger, then this year I purchased a couple of use… Go to Source

Sound System on 2014 DS

I've recently completed the installation of an Electric Vehicle Sound System, specifically the SoundRacer EVSMA-1 at . I mounted the sound generation unit under the tank, and on top of the … Go to Source

Seat change

Has anyone replaced the stock seat on a DS/S/SR? My 2014 DS seat was quite uncomfortable on moderately-rough mountain roads in the Santa Cruz mountains. Not many miles, around 80/trip, but a few hours of time encouraged me to replace my seat. I found g… Go to Source

I’m spoiled.

Rode my ICE motorcycle today just to make sure it was still usable.  Found the engine noise, vibration, and heat dissipation uncomfortable, especially at a stoplight.  Forgot to shift down to 1st at a stoplight.  Experienced lag between throttle and ac… Go to Source

GoPro mount…

Thinking of getting a gopro…what mount do people use/like? I figure a couple of curved ones for my helmets…but was thinking of the chest mount as it seems it would go well with the Empulse seating position…. Thoughts? Thanks Gavin Go to Source