Front Wheel removal / tire replacement?

My rear RoadWinner tire quit on me (less than 4k miles) so I purchased some replacement tires (Michelin Pilot Street) for front and back. I was able to remove the rear wheel, have the tire swapped, and re-install it without too much trouble. But I don'… Go to Source

Trag race

The drag race was uphill 8%The first place was achieved!Tut the competitors had little Gerhard Go to Source

Details of DocBass’s added batteries and 2000 km trip

Here's for you:… Go to Source

and yet another question about regen

My SR is almost 3 weeks old and nearing 1300 miles. I have yet to bluetooth in any custom settings with my phone. Is the regen in eco mode the maximum that the motor will allow, or can I get more regen using bluetooth and custom mode set to 100%  ? Go to Source

MCM tests the SR

Motorcycle Consumer News has performed a full instrumented test of the 2014 Zero SR with a "power tank", starting on page 20 of their September 2014 issue.  It should be no surprise to anyone here that they were not happy with the Fastace suspen… Go to Source

110V Super Charger Idea. Need Electrical Engineer input.

I live in an apartment so I don't have a 220V outlet option available to me. As an engineer (Software) I having been playing around with ideas in my head on how I could get a 220V charger using only a 110V. Of course their is the option of taking two 1… Go to Source

Moto E race results

According to this article by Clean Rider, Ho Chi Fung won the first Moto E race in Assen, Netherland, on his Zongshen electric motorcycle. You can read the entire article here:  htt… Go to Source

Brammo Grand Opening at Hollywood Electrics on Saturday, August 16!

Hollywood Electrics and Brammo will host a Grand Opening on Saturday, Aug. 16, from 11am to 7pm! Come demo and test-ride a Brammo Empulse or Brammo Enertia Plus and experience first hand high performance motorcycles, which also happen to be Electric! … Go to Source

Best way to mount the Nelson-Rigg tail pack on your Empulse

I thought this might be a nice thread since all EU bikes come with the Nelson-Rigg tail pack and there are no specific Empulse instructions. I believe the exact item provided currently is: http… Go to Source

Growling sound while accelerating only when wet.

My Zero S 2013 makes a growling sound while accelerating especially at low RPM, but only when it's getting wet.Any idea what it is? The belt? Or is there getting some water into connectors causing fault current? Go to Source