The glitch on my 2012 DS

I'm experiencing symptoms of "the glitch" mentioned on this forum. Symptoms (all simultaneous): Loss of power. Doesn't seem to be a complete loss. Vibration Growling sound. Started occurring once every so often (n… Go to Source

Suspension clicking/cracking on S 2013

This issue has been discussed a few times here but I didn't find any specific topic for it. My bike has the rear suspension clicking/cracking at a certain position. With my father we were able to determine that when the spring rotates in the top, it do… Go to Source

Free when you charge at work

(The title is a nod to They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song service – a long-distance number back when long distance calls cost money to make.) Back in 2010 when I got my Enertia, I knew that I could easily make it from home to work on my Enertia without … Go to Source

2014 Empulse owners should check their front tyre: Conti recall notice

My 2014 Empulse E1 is affected (production week 35 of 2013) Please read all the details here:… Go to Source

German TV show GRIP empties a Brammo battery

And the Zero SR and Johammer J1 participate too. They have a series of EV assignments/challenges (like Top Gear) and this video of them is who can get the least range out of their bike. [url=… Go to Source

Purchase price from a dealer

I am not much experienced in purchasing motorcycles from a dealer.  I am looking at purchasing a Zero (probably an S).How much negotiation room is there on the MSRP? For those who did purchase new from the dealership, can you report some basic info fo… Go to Source

ELMOFO + Brammo = Aussie love

Brammo Expands into Australia and Welcomes ELMOFO to Dealer Network Quote TALENT, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brammo, In… Go to Source

charging ettiquette

What is the best method to use when charging publicly?  Say for example I was patronizing a coffee shop, resturant, large gas station/convienence store etc. Do I just help myself to the outlet, or ask first? I only had to try it once; I plugged in, th… Go to Source

Jay Leno reviews the H-D LiveWire

Here it is: Go to Source

BMW Motorrad Berlin plant: assembly of the C evolution

Published on Jun 4, 2014"It was a long journey from the BMW Motorrad "Concept e" to the C evolution. With such elements as BMW i high-voltage technology, a powerful motor, a long range and a futuristic BMW design, the C evolution heralds a new age of … Go to Source