Brammo email

Check your inbox.  I just received an email message from Brammo detailing their current sale promotion and other news.  Nothing about the 2015 models, though. Go to Source

zero FX quick charger?

Picked up a 2014 Zero FX 5.7 earlier this year.  Spent most of the summer in the shop with a broken ccu board, but is working well now.  While it was in, I ordered a quick charger from Zero, and it came with an Anderson connector attached to it. My que… Go to Source

Custom settings and 0-60 times

Two questions and an observation. 1) Does pack voltage affect 0-60 times?2) If you program your bike via dongle then later open (note just open and adjust no settings here) the default zero app does the bike loose it's programming you set up via dongl… Go to Source

Now that the 2015 models are out – should I purchase a 2014

So, I am in the process of deciding whether or not I should purchase a 2014 SR or waiting for December to get a 2015 S/SR. I know the upgrades for the 2015 are well worth the bump in price, but I haven't had any experience with the 2014 SR that would h… Go to ...

2015 Zero range announced

It looks like the 2015 Zero models have been announced: Most of the changes for 2015 appear to be chassis improvements. Go to Source

2015 lineup!

You all asleep? I'll leave the analysis to everybody else! Go to Source

Sachs Rear Shock

I'm a new Empulse R owner (just said Hello in the Welcome Forum), and this is the first time tapping into the wealth of useful information in this forum which had I done so before the "deed", I would have been a much better informed buyer.  Will have q… Go to Source

Recently Married

Newly wed 1 week.  Married a trophywife.  Met her on-line – her name is "Empulse R" and she's very young, – a 2014 beauty, but can it cook?  She sleeps in the garage with previous brides, – Triumph Bonneville and Aprilia 250 SportCity.  I lay in bed at… Go to Source

Spare 132 tooth or 98 tooth rear sprocket for sale

Does anyone have a spare 132 tooth or 98 tooth sprocket they're happy to sell. I've recently had mine break after being hit by another rider on a track day – luckily I didn't come down, just the other rider who's fortunately OK. I'm based in Sydney, Au… Go to Source

Removing the batteries for winter storage.

I was wondering if it was possible or a good idea even to remove the batteries for winter storage. I don't have a garage so my current option is simply parking my bike in my dinning room for the winter to prevent the batteries from freezing. I'm wonder… Go to Source