Gyro cam testing

A couple of quick vid tests of a gyro mounted GoPro on the Empulse R…just some boring street riding. Initial tests to see how the mount and gyro cam is working on the Brammo were good. No issues except for a possible limitation on the gyro cam's lean… Go to Source

Brakes knocking?

When I was in my garage I turned my handlebars from lock to lock and heard a knock. At first I thought it was a bearing issue but it seems the sound is coming from the brakes. No clue why it happens yet so I figured I would post here to see if this was… ...

Shirt Idea

So I had an idea for a shirt and made a rough draft… That would be for a white t shirt….but I prefer blac… Go to Source

Icon Airmada Elemental helmet review

Since this helmet uses a Brammo Empulse RR paint job, I thought some Brammo owners might be interested in this review of the helmet:… Go to Source

Daymak Drive electric conversion for bicycles

This seems like a really neat idea, especially if they can actually manufacture and sell it for the proposed price of $700. Marketing it through big box stores seems like a great idea to get the public exposed to e-bike riding.    [url=http://cleanride… Go to Source

Modifiying my Zero

Looking at a couple of the other zeros (DoctorBass for example) I noticed that he'd put an EL panel on his bike. Which got me thinking… An EL panel would make a good night time visibility aid. However I did'nt want to copy anyone, and besides, I'm a … Go to Source

Another white SR

Hi,I thought I should share my experiences from replacing the Zero SR fairings and wrapping them in Vinyl. Let me start out by answering two common questions: 1. Why wrap them? Couldn't you just order white panels from Zero?Yes and no. I considered g… Go to Source

Name of quick charger connector

I searched everywhere and every term I could think of. I could have sworn I saw it on someones post before but can't recall what it was about -_- Anyone know the make / model of the connector so I can see how much a male version of it cost? Go to Source

Michael Czysz

It looks like Michael Czysz will not be with us much longer.     Here is his sad story and what he is up to now: [url=… Go to Source

Brammo to enter Australia market

According to this report Brammos will soon be sold in Australia: [url=… Go to Source