and now some crash bungs

Not that I intend to crash, but I dropped every bike (14+) I owned so far, so it might be a good idea. I used standard Top-Blocks, on M10 bolts, a washer and a car valve spring (to reduce impact forces) [img width=600 height=399]… Go to Source

Brammo’s electric cruiser – Visordown Go to Source

An atomic powered Empulse

But will it work and do you want Strontium-90 between your legs?[… Go to Source

ChaDeMo – Where does it work?

If you have charged successfully using ChaDeMo level 3 fast charging, please let me know what kind of station it was.  I may be able to help increase the number of stations that work with our bikes dramatically.    Or I'll put a bunch of work into th… Go to Source

2013 Bearings / Sizes

Anyone replace their front / rear wheel bearings know the size / qty of them? Craig Vetter is suggesting to do it now before adding more weight to the bike. Apparently EC already spent $1k on ceramic bearings for the ventilated motor on the bike 0_0 Go to Source

Ordered 2014 Zero SR, serious issues with delivery

Hello all! I joined the forum about a month ago but this is my first post and I wish it was for better reasons. If you have a few minutes allow me to fill you in on the ride I've been through trying to get an SR. I apologize in advance for the length b… ...

Brammo eCruiser, ENT Scooter!!

And… Boom goes the dynamite: The eCruiser looks pretty sweet, but Im holding out for the RR. Th… Go to Source

Brammo consulting business

A BMW owner from the Netherlands posted a comment today (after going for a test ride on a Zero) on the BMW forum that I frequent, that he had spoken to a Brammo executive recently who told him that Brammo was completely "overwhelmed" by requests from e… Go to Source

Rare bikes stolen Please consider spreading this to your moto communities and catch these low-lifes. Go to Source

Accessory Port

The 2012 S/DS manual mentions an "accessory port" on page 5-28 when discussing the Fuses. Where on the bike can I tap into this "accessory port"? Go to Source