Changing the speedometer units

I just got a 2014 Empulse R, delivered to me in the UK from Europe. One of the first things I need to do as part of getting it registered with the DVLA is switch the speedo display/tack from km to miles. I’ve had a look through the manual and can’t see… Go to Source

Why the loooong chain tensioner bolts? my first mod

Just got the Brammo from the dealers.One of my first "modifications" will be swapping the two inch chain tensioner bolts for shorter allen bolts.Why Brammo fitted such long bolts is beyond me.. Shorter ones will save weight too, extend range Go to Source

First major repair.

As much as I hate to be the barer of bad news, I thought that I would share my experience of my first major Empulse repair. The bike failed to start on July 11, and I finally got it back, fully functional, on September 19. Read all the gory details her… Go to Source

Brammo on EarlyShares | Crowdfunding Platform

Got a few thousand burning a hole in your pocket? Brammo showed up on this site recently: Go to Source

Car enthusiasts celebrate National Drive Electric Day – Orlando Sentinel

One of our own! Go to Source

Attempted theft – lock cylinder now busted

I had an interesting experience today.  I left my Zero (S 2013) in a parking garage in a shady neighborhood for about 20 minutes and when I came back someone had tried to steal it and failed.  There was a carwash about 10 meters away from where I parke… Go to Source

National Drive Electric Week

Will be attending the NDEW event in Issaquah, WA with my Spec32 Empulse R this Sunday.  I haven't seen another Brammo signed up to attend, but look forward to meeting other Seattle-area e-motorcyclists.… Go to Source

Rear end replacement

Last week I had my Enertia Plus serviced because the chain was rattling a lot. The new Brammo dealer in Amsterdam thought it needed to be replaced (after 6000 km, about 3700 miles !?). And while they were at it, my rear tire looked like it could be rep… Go to Source

Torque? Yeah we got this!

Loved this clip on Brammo's FB: Go to Source

2015 KTM FREERIDE E – The Future Is Now

2015 KTM FREERIDE E – The Future Is Now :