Terry Hershner does an Iron Butt ride

Terry Hershner has finished the first ever electric motorcycle 1000 miles in 24 hours Iron Butt Association ride and has now become the first Iron Butt Association EV member.  You can read the story here:  [url=http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1094… Go to Source

Zero Sr in white!

Here is my Zero SR in white. This is the oem white bodywork that Zero uses on their police bikes. I think the white on the Sr looks stunning![IMG]http://i139.photo… Go to Source

Electric motorcycle article in American Motorcyclist magazine

The American Motorcyclist Association is doing a pretty good job of covering electric motorcycles lately.  The October issue of their monthly magazine, American Motorcyclist , contains a very positive four page article on electric motorcycles st… Go to Source

FIA Formula E Racing Series

Anyone else following the FIA Formula E Racing Series?http://www.fiaformulae.com/en/calendar.aspxI plan on riding my Empulse R to the race in Miami in March with a friend who's big into Formula 1… Go to Source

Offer: Zero Motorcycles from press fleet for sale!

I got this email from Zero on Monday, have you guys in the US also got it? Quote Dear Zero Motorcycles prospect, the season is coming to an end and our press motorcycles of model year 2014 from all over Europe are now safely back at our headquarters … Go to Source

Charging: then entire LCD display flashes non-stop

So far, for the last 51 charging cycles, everything has worked perfectly with the 2014 Zero 11.4 DS.  Last night, after the usual day of riding, I plugged in my charging cord to the wall socket and everything was fine – charging from 72%.  When I went … Go to Source

Bike Show Winner! Has anyone else ever entered into a bike show?

So, my wife and I were invited to a car and motorcycle show put on my hot rod magazine and born to ride.   We were talked into entering the Empulse into the show by a friend and we WON BEST OF SHOW!   The people putting on the show said that the Empuls… Go to Source

Fast charge interlock cables to BMS

Anyone know how the two auxiliary pins/cables from the fast charge port to the BMS work. I understand there is some sort of interlock protocol with the Delta-Q chargers and I want to replicate that process so I can use the fast charge port with a non D… Go to Source

two 2012 zeros at Mt Washington Summit

On Saturday September 13 I rode my 2012 Zero XU to the summit of Mt Washington on the Alternate Energy Summit run. It took 6 bars up so I had 4 left from the 7.5 mile 4600 foot climb. Coming down I got two bars back. My bike is stock with 1000 miles on… Go ...

Added a track fairing

Added a track fairing for Barber in October. Thankfully Arthur changed his up so mine isn't a mirror image. [img width=600 height=450]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v… Go to Source