Quick Charger, again…

http://www.tdk-lambda.com/products/sps/catalog/eng/fps.pdf Notice the part number explanation at the top-right of the first page. It comes in 3KW?! Seems, so does the meanwell… But… Go to Source

Soon-to-be FX owner, first impressions and track questions

Hi everybody! I'v considered purchasing an FX for my supermoto track-days and daily commute for a while now.Had the opportunity to ride one at the track this past weekend… and it blew my mind!I have to tell you, this bike is amazing. from the firs… Go to Source

Front bearing failure at 24,500 miles

My front left wheel bearing failed today with my girlfriend and I on the bike. We are okay. We had plenty of warning and had time to pull over before the whobbling got bad. I will call Zero on Monday. I'm hoping they can just sent me the parts and I c… Go to Source

Empulse and OVMS module

Has anybody looked at trying to get an OVMS working with the Empulse? Would it be possible or should I forget the idea?http://www.openvehicles.com/vehiclesupport Go to Source

More Empulse RR Street speculation

http://m.autoevolution.com/is-brammo-preparing-a-street-version-of-the-empulse-rr-video-86467.html With Mission delaying (again), it seems lik… Go to Source

Pedantic grammatical question

Okay, obviously "Zero's" is the correct possessive form of "Zero", as in "Zero's got new models coming out soon" or "My Zero's got an 11.4kWh battery", but what is the proper plural of "Zero"? Zeroes? I THINK technically this is correct but it seems we… Go to Source

Power outlet near Ohio State University

 Anyone know where there might be power outlets near Ohio State University.  I would love to take the bike to a game, but Plug Share shows nothing near campus.  It's too risky to take it that far without a sure thing plug location. Go to Source

Need Help 2012 Zero X (EIG Pack) BMS failure

Hello guys, The BMS on my 2012 Zero X is dead. My dealer told me that Zero (or more precisely the European Zero Distribution) would possibly charge 600Euro (800$) for a new one. For some reason it seems my bike has not been sent to Zero for the recall … Go to Source

Some App Settings that really make the differences noticeable

Hey, I've played a little with the Zero motorcycle app and my 2014 DS 11.4 bike, but honestly, I've never really managed to set anything that really "felt" any different.  If Eco is setup for economy and Sport is for quick and sporty, can "custom" sett… Go to Source

Maximum Efficiency at what Speed?

Just put 1300 miles on my new 2014 DS 11.4 riding a nice 4 mile commute down one long street to get to work and back each day.  Flat, lights all timed pretty nicely, weather is Las Vegas heat.  My question is: at what speed in MPH is the motor on my Ze… Go to ...